Immune System Exercises: For a Healthy Immune System, Choose Rebounding

Immune System Exercises: For a Healthy Immune System, Choose Rebounding

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Our immune systems are practically the lifeblood of our entire being. Without a strong immune system, we are susceptible to multiple attacks from foreign bodies that try to tear down our  ability to stay healthy. Let’s find out what the immune system does, why we need it, and how rebounding can give your system a boost.

What The Immune System Does

Our immune system is a complex biological system of blood cells and organs that work to keep us healthy. A key portion of our immunity lies within our lymphatic system, which includes our tonsils, bone marrow, spleen, lymphatic fluid and lymph nodes. Within this system lymphatic fluid travels throughout our body to rid our systems of dead cells and waste to be disposed of through various bodily fluids and functions such as sweat, urine, and feces.

Why We Need It

Without a functioning immune system, our bodies would crumble under the bombardment of harmful bacteria and viruses. A healthy immune system attacks these bacterias and viruses, whereas an unwell immune system is not strong enough to attack incoming invaders from taking over your vital organs and bodily functions.   Weak immune systems leave us susceptible to colds, viruses, inflammation, and even cancer. When we strengthen our immune systems, we are more likely to fight off harmful bacteria and toxins that want to bring us down.

Rebounding to Boost Immunity

Our immunity can be boosted in a number of ways, mostly involving diet and exercise. One specific method of boosting immunity through exercise is by that of rebounding. Rebounding on a mini trampoline causes a positive G-force through every cell throughout your body. This G-Force stimulates circulation of the lymphatic system to strengthen the lymphocytes and boost your immunity.   Rebounding on a mini trampoline, such as the Cellerciser®, can help you to boost your immune system in just minutes a day. Check out our products and how to best benefit from your Cellerciser® by visiting our Exercises page.
NOTE: Remember to always consult with your doctor or health professional before starting new exercise routines.
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