Can Rebounding Help with Inflammation?

Does Rebounding Fight Inflammation?

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The average American lifestyle lends itself to all types of health problems. Many Americans struggle with poor diet, lack of exercise, and a wide variety of medical ailments that accompany these lifestyle issues. Inflammation is one of the most common symptoms experienced by people in virtually all age groups, and it’s a widely misunderstood condition.

Inflammation is one of the body’s immune system responses to many types of injuries. It can take the form of swelling, and the process attempts to cushion an injured area of the body by rushing blood to the site. Unfortunately, this inflammation is often painful, and inflammation can also result from a variety of medical issues as a symptom itself. 
Many things from insect bites to arthritis can cause painful inflammation, and the average person may believe that over the counter or prescription anti-inflammatory medications are the only possible solutions. Unfortunately, this approach can ultimately create a destructive cycle of inflammation, ineffective medication, and dwindling lifestyle quality that all feed into one another and prolong the suffering caused by inflammation. 

Rebound to Rebuild

Since inflammation is an immune system response, it’s essential to understand how the immune system functions to understand and control inflammation. When the body detects an injury or any type of harmful foreign substance in the body, the immune system redirects blood flow to the injured area, causing redness and swelling. The lymphatic system controls this response mechanism, and the lymphatic system is a major component of the circulatory system. Therefore, a healthy circulatory system encourages appropriate inflammation responses. 
The Cellerciser® is unmatched among exercise equipment for its ability to boost healthy circulation by stimulating the blood at the cellular level. There is a common condition today called “sticky blood” that results from poor diet, lack of exercise, and unhealthy lifestyle habits. When blood becomes sticky, circulation suffers, and a host of medical issues can follow. When blood becomes sticky, the individual blood cells lose their rounded shape and elongate, which causes them to get stuck in the blood vessels more easily. 

Introduce Change to the Body at the Cellular Level

Exercises performed on the Cellerciser® force blood cells to strengthen. As the body experienced a repeated cycle of acceleration, weightlessness, and deceleration, the body’s cells must adapt to these forces, and there are only two ways for it to do this. When the body experiences a gravitational pull that’s stronger than the usual gravitational force, the body must either shorten (which it cannot do) or strengthen. If it strengthens, it must do so at the cellular level. 
Conventional exercises, while often effective, tend to only target specific muscle groups. For example, a bicep curl done with the appropriate weight and form can tone and strengthen the biceps, but it may not provide much benefit beyond that. Rebounding on a Cellerciser®, by comparison, strengthens the whole body at the cellular level while also allowing for the targeting of specific parts of the body. People who struggle with typical exercise due to inflammation may not only experience relief from their inflammation symptoms but also strengthen their bodies in other, often surprising ways. 

Manipulating Pressure Inside the Body 

Most of the inflammation symptoms people experience result from poor circulation and subpar immune system responses. By boosting these processes with a Cellerciser®, an individual struggling with inflammation may experience relief and get their inflammation responses under control. 
Think of the body’s lymphatic system as a filtration pump. This filtration system needs pressure to work effectively and remove harmful substances from the body in an efficient manner. The average American’s everyday routine may only provide a small amount of the pressure this system needs to completely flush it and boost proper blood circulation. Rebounding on a Cellerciser® is an entirely unique experience, causing the body to experience the forces of additional weight and greater gravitational pull along with acceleration and deceleration, all of which the human body interprets as weight sensations. 
Rebounding improves the function of the lymphatic system by building up negative pressure within the system. This, in turn, causes the lymphatic system to push out harmful substances and toxins causing inflammation, and it boosts circulation. The movement created by rebounding creates a sort of suction effect, and repeated sensations of weightlessness pulls the blood through the circulatory system more efficiently. An example of this effect can be seen among many of the people who have tried the Cellerciser® while struggling with cold or allergy symptoms. After just a few minutes of bouncing on a Cellerciser®, the blockages these symptoms create clear up. Imagine this effect throughout the whole body and all of its systems. 

Developing an Individualized Rebounding Routine

One of the best parts about using a Cellerciser® is how easy it is for anyone to develop their own personally customized workout plan. There are many “right” ways to use the Cellerciser®, but every person is unique and has particular health and wellness goals they want to achieve. If fighting inflammation is one of them, regular use of the Cellerciser® is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal. 
Rebounding regularly gives the lymphatic system a new form of pressure with which it can improve blood flow. As the cells of the body experience the various forces caused by the rebounding motion, the pressure inside the lymphatic system builds and forces out the substances commonly responsible for causing inflammation. Rebounding also causes muscular contractions, which boost lymphatic circulation as well as strengthen and tone various muscle groups. Rebounding also strengthens the tendons and other connective tissues that hold muscle groups in place.
Improved lymphatic system function is just one of the many benefits of a Cellerciser®. The combined effects of lymphatic pressure, improved blood circulation, and muscular contractions are three benefits that offer relief from inflammation that no other exercise method can come close to matching. Anyone who wishes to experience these effects for themselves should consult with their doctor about the potential benefits of rebounding and which rebounding exercises would be most effective for them. 
NOTE: Anyone considering starting any new exercise routines should always consult a doctor or a licensed health professional before attempting new exercises.
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