Cellercise® is a newer, much more efficient form of exercise recommended by hundreds of doctors, chiropractors, health professionals, and scientists worldwide.

With just 10 minutes of exercise a day and 1 piece of equipment, Cellercise® can help you gain health benefits you never thought possible. And the best part is that it’s all scientifically sound – see for yourself in the journal excerpts below.

  • We know through trampolining that we can burn calories 11 times faster than walking, 5 times faster than swimming, and 3 times faster than running. Other forms of exercise only use a limited number of muscles or body parts. Cellercise® works all of the cells – all 75 trillion, nearly 100 times a minute!

  • “Remember, there are 150 calories in a glass of beer. If your body does not need the energy these calories provide, and if you dont’ want the beer to end up as fatty tissue, you will have to rebound for two minutes, run for six minutes, swim for 10 minutes, or walk for 22 minutes in order to burn up the extra calories.

    ”Figures presented in the lecture, Techniques of Exercise Testing The Obese Patient” by Paul E. DeVore, M.D. given at American Society of Bariatric Physicians, March 1979.

    Jumping For Health, A Guide TO Rebounding Aerobics, Dr. Morton Walker, D.P.M,, page 87-8.

    “The entire body contains about 75 trillion cells” Medical Physiology, 5th Edition, Dr. Arthur C. Guyton, MD, Chapter 1, page 2.

  • While weight-lifting, incorporating just 30 seconds of cellercising between stations can increase results up to 26% faster. The pumping action of Cellercise® flushes out dead cells, lactic acid, and increases oxygen and blood flow to the cells to promote faster results and recovery time

  • “Dr. Larry Gettman, Ph.D. Research Director, Institute For Aerobics Research – “The study discovered that a circuit incorporating 30 seconds of running between exercise stations, dramatically improved aerobic endurance 17%, reduced body fat percentages 10.9% to 17.1% in only 12 weeks, and increased strength up to 26% in the same period.” Institute for Aerobics Research Study, “New Super Circuit Program conditions the whole body for endurance, strength and flexibility”..

  • At equivalent levels of oxygen uptake or if you are breathing just as hard, the Cellercise® was 60% more effective than running and over twice as efficient as running!

  • “For similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of the biomechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline than running, a finding that might help identify acceleration parameters needed for the design of remedial procedures to avert deconditioning in persons exposed to weightlessness”. Journal Of Applied Physiology : 881-887, 1980. The research was performed by the Biomechanical Research Division, NASA-Ames Research Center, Moffett Filed, California.

  • With Cellercise® you get the benefits of aerobics without the jarring effect!

  • “Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D. M.P.H., author of Aerobics and founder of the Institute for Aerobics Research in Dallas, Texas, is the acknowledged inventor of the modern day aerobic concept. (Cooper)…. indicated that jumping for ten minutes is equivalent to skiing thirty minutes, vigorously dancing the Hustle for forty minutes, or playing two sets of singles tennis for forty minutes.” Jumping For Health; A guide To Rebounding Aerobics, page 18.

  • Jogging on a hard surface is too jarring. It creates stress and tension restricts circulation, and promotes the degeneration of body parts and functions!

  • “J.E. Schmidt, M.D. a member of the American Medical Association, who is in private medical practice, suggests that “jogging can kill you”. He says it is one of the most wasteful and hazardous forms of exercise, which takes more from the body than it gives back. Among the bodily structures most likely to be damaged by jogging are: 1) the sacroiliac joints, 2) The vertebral joints,, 3) The veins of the legs, 4) The uterus, 5) The breasts, 6) The abdominal rings ( in men), and 7). The heart.” Jumping For Health, A Guide to Rebounding Aerobics, page 215.

  • We often think of a senior citizen sitting on the porch with the rocking chair as their only way of using their calf muscles to increase lymphatic circulation and pump blood back to the heart. Cellercise® increases or pumps circulation to all body parts so “all” body parts work more efficiently. This reduces the stress to the heart and other body functions!

  • “John A. Friedrich, M.D. of Duke University, writing in the Journal of Physical Education, says that moving the muscles, especially the large leg muscles ( as done in rebounding), aids blood circulation exceedingly. Dr. Friedrich stated, “the combination of the large leg muscles massaging the blood back to the heart along with the effect of the diaphragmatic action ( or lymphatic and circulation of blood) very significantly enhances the total circulatory efficiency, and in the process, minimizes the stress put on the heart, inasmuch as the leg muscles and diaphragm act as auxiliary hearts by assisting in blood flow” Jumping For Health: A Guide To Rebounding Aerobics, page 10.

    “Prior research with exercise has turned up more than thirty particular benefits from regular movement in either one’s occupation, recreation, or for purposes of just bodily motion. The specific anti-stress benefits of rebounding are even more exaggerated, since, as Albert E. Carter points out in his book, The Miracles of Rebound Exercise, “ Rebounding not only increases the strength of each muscle by increasing the G force repeatedly, but also increases the fitness of the muscle by improving lymphatic and blood circulation in the muscle.” Albert E. Carter. The Miracles of Rebound Exercise, page 83.

  • Cellercise® eliminates up to 7/8 ths of the jarr or “ballistic” impact of jogging so we can avoid ankle problems, knee problems shin splints and lower back problems. As the springs absorb the jarr, the hips are allowed to move down into the mat to increase flexibility and loosen tension in the lower back!

  • “We found that jogging, jumping and skipping rope on (Cellercise®) equipment produced about one fifth the impact that jogging on a treadmill or skipping rope on a floor would produce…In our laboratory we also wanted to measure the amount of shock transmitted through the feet, ankles, and legs while running at a 7 ½ minute per mile pace 9 heart rate 150 beats/min) and compare that with the shock transmitted at an equivalent to jogging in place on Cellercise® equipment at a similar 150 beats per minute heart rate. In the study we found that during jogging the shock transmitted from the running surface of the treadmill up to the leg reached a force level of two to four times the body weight. While similarly exercising at the same heart rate on the Cellercise® equipment the force is reduced to a maximum of 1.3 to 1.6 times the body weight. Both of these experiments show that cellercising actually produce less leg trauma than walking, jogging, or skipping rope on regular surfaces”. Jump For Joy, Dr. James White, Ph.D. page 10

  • Cellercise® harnesses the forces (meaning a weight-bearing movement) of acceleration, deceleration and gravity into one exercise!

  • Cellercise harnesses g-forces using the weight-bearing movements of acceleration, deceleration and gravity. It doesn’t just lift weight away from gravity (limited) in virtually increases the weight of gravity on the whole body while avoiding the ballistic impact of typical aerobic exercises. That makes it easy on the knees and back and allows for unique movements not available from typical exercise.

    Because Cellercise® is weight bearing, it can help increase muscle mass and bone density. By altering the angle of the body, Cellercise® can leverage and incorporate isometric movements that most exercises can’t come close to providing. This helps build muscles and bones while toning and improving balance.” Cellercise®… an isometric for toning muscles and skin, an isotonic for building muscles and bones, calisthenics for targeting digestion/elimination et. Al., an aerobic for conditioning and strengthening lungs, and a flexibility program all at the same time!”

    Cellercise® can surpass the benefits of jogging without its detriments while being fun, easy, convenient, economical, safe, efficient, and portable. The self-adjusting patented TriDaptable spring allows all family members can use it! And we don’t use cheap steel like typical rebounders. We use high quality steel. That’s why our customers are still using the Cellerciser over 25 years later. They are built to last. A one time investment for a lifetime of benefit. An investment toward your greater health potential. Read what our customers are saying:

    Cellercise® can surpass the benefits of jogging without the detriments. The Cellerciser® is fun, easy, convenient, economical, safe, efficient, and portable.

  • Bouncing up and down on the Cellerciser® improves your equilibrium, giving you better balance!

  • “Vertical movement up and down challenges the proprioceptors improving equilibrium and balance” (paraphrased from Dr. Arthur C. Guyton MD, Medical Physiology, The Nervous System – section on equilibrium)

    “It is known that 90% of the brain’s active energy is expended on calculations and minor corrections in balancing and knowing where the body is in space at any given moment. in time. Only 10% of the brain’s activity is used in actual cognitive or thinking functions. This reality truly demonstrates the importance the brain places on knowing how every part of the body is moving and what position it is in. This also illuminates how much fatigue and dysfunction result in a person when the mechanics of the body are not in balance. Our society today would be much more vibrant, healthy and full of vitality if they paid more attention to getting enough kinetic exercise in a given day. David Hall’s Cellercise® system is very proficient at focusing on this goal. Health and wellness will be the result of such activity if properly and consistently applied” Dr. Jeffrey G. Hanks, D.C. President of the Utah Association of Chiropractic Physicians (UACP).