Can Rebounding Help with Plantar Fasciitis?

Can Rebounding Help with Plantar Fasciitis?

Could Rebounding Improve Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms?

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As people age, they start to experience medical issues more frequently. The body becomes less resilient against infection and disease, energy levels decrease, and it can become more difficult to stay active and fit. Health issues appear more frequently and with greater severity, and one of the most common is plantar fasciitis
Plantar fasciitis is the medical term for inflammation in the base of the foot, specifically in the band of thick tissues that connect the heel bones to the toes. The most common symptoms of plantar fasciitis include stabbing pains near the heel of the foot, most commonly felt in the morning. Millions of people struggle with this condition each year, and treatments typically include physical therapy, the use of specialized shoe inserts, steroid injections, and surgical intervention. However, what if there was an easier, effective way to treat the symptoms of plantar fasciitis that is both noninvasive and effective? 

Rebounding to Strengthen the Feet

Rebounding with a Cellerciser® offers a wide range of benefits extending through the entire human body, from the top of the skull to the soles of the feet. Plantar fasciitis may make typical exercises more difficult or even impossible, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the most effective ways to treat conditions like plantar fasciitis. Many people who have tried the Cellerciser® to alleviate their plantar fasciitis symptoms have found it effective when nothing else was, and this revolutionary way of exercising has allowed them to avoid painful surgery and its possible side effects. 
One of the best parts of using a Cellerciser® is the fact that anyone can tailor their experience to their individual needs. One of the most common complications facing those suffering from plantar fasciitis symptoms is the restrictiveness of most modern shoes. The foot loses flexibility as a person ages, and shoes can restrict diminished flexibility even more. Everyday movements like walking and climbing the stairs are more difficult as the body tries to align to a pair of shoes instead of the natural alignment of the feet. When a person starts using a Cellerciser® to improve the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, they should do so barefoot. 
Being barefoot on the Cellerciser® means that the body starts to conform to its natural alignment rather than aligning to a pair of shoes. In turn, all of the connected muscles, bones, tendons, and other tissues that support the feet and legs fall into proper alignment. Different exercises will not only force the cells of the body to stretch and return to a more natural state but also support the systems that may be suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Strengthening the Body With Better Posture

The modern world is incredibly reliant on digital communications and electronic technologies. Many people work from home, and they rely on their computers for everything from getting their daily work done to shopping for groceries and household essentials. However, this convenience comes at a cost, and it’s primarily a physical one. The average American has poor posture from slumping in a desk chair eight hours a day, looking down at a smartphone screen, and generally ruining their posture in a variety of ways. 
Exercises performed on the Cellerciser® strengthen the entire body at the cellular level. Turning rebounding into a daily activity can help improve posture both directly and indirectly. There are countless exercises available to perform on a Cellerciser®. Everyone has the potential to develop individualized workout routines. Using a Cellerciser® creates a chain reaction of positive effects. For instance, some start using a Cellerciser® to lose weight and eventually discover their metabolism has improved, making it easier for them to maintain a healthy weight. The same happens when it comes to posture. 
Keeping the body in proper alignment and maintaining good posture is difficult for many people. When it comes to those suffering from the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, it can feel impossible at times. However, the chain reaction of positive effects of using the Cellerciser® eventually leads to improved posture. 

Overcome Assumptions to Experience Relief from Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis symptoms can develop for various reasons. When the average person looks at a device like the Cellerciser®, they may assume that this form of exercise would simply be too strenuous and demanding for the feet, which are already suffering. Fortunately, this is not the case, and could be an answer to their suffering. While a miniature trampoline might cause foot and ankle pronation and even cause injuries, the Cellerciser® has space-age technology in its construction that ensures an even, stable rebounding surface that’s both comfortable and reliable. 
Rebounding causes the body to experience various new forces all at once. Most people who have ridden roller coasters are familiar with the feeling of weightlessness, but they have not experienced this sensation the way a Cellercise® rebounder causes it. Rebounding on a Cellerciser® causes the body to experience acceleration, weightlessness, and then deceleration in a cycle that repeats about 100 times per minute. This repetitive motion challenges every cell in the body to adapt to the weightlessness, which forces them to strengthen.

Develop a New Routine With a Cellerciser® 

Since the feet contact the rebounding surface, it’s easy to see why some people might assume that a Cellerciser® might not be the best thing for someone with plantar fasciitis. However, rebounding is a low impact motion that strengthens the body from the inside out while encouraging proper body alignment. Over time, rebounding exercises can help the feet adapt to a more appropriate alignment and help an individual finally experience relief from the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. 
Rebounding as a method for overcoming plantar fasciitis offers substantial changes to the body – and not just the feet. Every person struggling with plantar fasciitis has unique needs, so anyone considering trying a Cellerciser® should consult their doctor first. Plantar fasciitis is a complex condition with many possible causes, so choosing the right approach to self-treatment is important for anyone who wants to experience relief without more invasive treatment options. 
NOTE: Before starting any new exercise routines, always consult a doctor or licensed health professional about potential risks to personal health.
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