Can Rebounding Improve Eyesight?

Can Rebounding Improve Eyesight?

Can You Improve Your Eyesight With Rebounding?

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The vast majority of Americans have great vision, but the National Institute of Health has determined that about 6% of the population, roughly 14 million people, struggle with vision problems. These difficulties range from mildly poor vision to total blindness, and countless people want to find easy, affordable, and effective ways to improve their vision. While prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses can help people with poor vision cope better and enjoy better visual clarity, are there other things people can do to improve their eyesight?
The human eye is an extraordinarily complex biological machine capable of refracting light and processing it through the ocular nerve into images our brains can interpret and understand. It also relies heavily on the muscles, blood vessels, and connective tissues surrounding the eyes. The Cellerciser® has changed lives all over the United States thanks to the incredible range of health benefits it could offer, and some users have reported improved eyesight. 

How Does Rebounding Improve Eyesight?

Results may vary when it comes to improving eyesight with daily rebounding exercises. The eye relies on circulation and oxygen as much as the rest of the body. Rebounding promotes not only healthy circulation but also oxygen usage throughout the body. The human eye is also mostly liquid, filled with a substance known as vitreous humor, a gelatinous substance that fills the eye behind the lens. Rebounding is a movement that affects every cell of the body, especially the fluids that dictate most internal bodily functions. This includes the vitreous humor of the eyes. 
While people who have crystallized or hardened eye lenses due to various medical issues may not experience much improvement, those with healthy eyes but poor eyesight can perform a few simple exercises to enhance visual acuity, improve hand-eye coordination, and ultimately enjoy better, clearer eyesight. 

Develop a Personalized Eye Chart

Once a person has developed an individualized routine with their Cellerciser®, they probably have one or two locations in or around their homes where they prefer to conduct their rebounding routines. Creating an eye chart that contains different colors, fonts, images, and phrases can become a useful tool in training eyes. It becomes not only a tool for visual exercises but also a focal point for training the eyes to look at things clearly at different distances. 
Looking at the chart, and then out of a window or into the distance at another object, and then alternating back and forth strengthens the eye muscles and encourages the eyes to focus on objects at different distances more quickly. It’s also possible to conduct visual identification exercises by reading words aloud or naming objects aloud. This form of exercise also enhances the connection between the eyes and the brain, which in turn could help improve visual acuity. 
Anyone using a Cellerciser® for daily exercise and who is interested in improving their eyesight naturally can speak to an optometrist about their goals. An experienced optometrist may be able to provide suggestions and insights that can help an individual develop a personalized eye-training routine and identify the factors behind their poor vision that might see improvement from rebounding or other forms of training. 

Rebounding’s Effects on the Cells

Rebounding certainly requires the use of various muscle groups, and daily rebounding exercises on a Cellerciser® can definitely tone muscle, burn fat, and lead to a healthier, more defined physique, but using a Cellerciser® rebounder is not a muscular exercise, it is a cellular exercise. Rebounding acts on the cells of the body by introducing them to new sensations and challenging them to respond. 
The blood cells flowing through the human body should have a plump, round shape. However, poor diet, lack of exercise, and many other variables can cause these blood cells to elongate and struggle to circulate properly. Rebounding essentially bounces them back into their correct shape, enabling better blood flow and allowing all parts of the body to receive more oxygen. The sensation of rebounding typically challenges the cells of the body in new ways, encouraging them to function more efficiently and consistently. 

Boosting Circulation for Eye Health 

When it comes to the eyes, practicing focus exercises on various objects at different distances, a homemade eye chart, or performing other eye movements inherently encourages circulation to the eyes. Combining these exercises with the effects of rebounding means better blood and oxygen flow to all of the systems that power the eyes and the brain. 
As the eye focuses on objects, letters, and colors at different distances, it expands and contracts. These minute motions improve circulation, and rebounding builds upon this improvement, sometimes in surprising ways. The tissues in and around the eyes receive better blood flow and therefore receive more oxygen. This movement also helps to build equilibrium between the oxygen that’s available to these tissues and the oxygen the tissues use. 
Rebounding also provides fantastic support for the lymphatic system of the human body. This portion of the circulatory system is responsible for flushing toxins and unwanted substances from the body, and rebounding builds negative pressure that essentially creates suction, pulling these unwanted substances out of the body more quickly. When it comes to medical conditions that impact eyesight, this function of rebounding helps to flush out any harmful substances that may be contributing to poor eyesight. 

Develop a Personalized Routine for Improved Eye Health 

Just like any other form of exercise, rebounding with a Cellerciser® is most effective when combined with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle habits. However, unlike typical exercise, rebounding only requires about ten minutes each day and improves the health of the entire body at once instead of individual muscle groups. 
When it comes to the eyes, eating the right balance of foods with nutrients that support healthy eye functions in combination with regular rebounding exercises might provide the natural boost that improves eye functions, reduces eye strain caused by using digital devices every day, and ultimately improves eyesight. A Cellerciser® could be an amazing option for organically improving eye health as well as the health of the rest of the body. 
NOTE: Remember to always consult a doctor or licensed health professional before starting any new exercise routines.
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