Rebounders Provide Surprising Benefits for Your Knees

Rebounders Provide Surprising Benefits for Your Knees

Rebounders are Good Exercise for Your Knees

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Rebounding devices like the Cellerciser® are often misunderstood. The motion of jumping up and down looks like it would cause damaging compression inside of the knee joints, crunching everything together as the user comes down to the bouncing surface repeatedly. However, this is not the case. In fact, rebounding with a proper trampoline can be one of the best forms of exercise for anyone struggling with knee joint pain and stiffness. 
When an individual struggles with knee problems or other issues related to other parts of the body such as the hips, shoulders, and back, the problems with these areas may not stem from the connected bones themselves but rather the supporting muscles and ligaments surrounding them. Weaknesses and injuries may also play parts in causing joint pain throughout the body, and pressure becomes the root of discomfort. Traditional forms of exercising like high-impact cardio and weight lifting create more pressure in these areas.
[customer_button_shortcode]They may not offer much in the way of strengthening the surrounding structures of the knees the way a Cellerciser® rebounder can.

A Holistic Approach to Joint Strengthening 

If an individual suffers from knee pain and stiffness, the obvious solution would be to address the joint itself. Too many people disregard the surrounding muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues surrounding the joint. Rebounding on a Cellerciser® is useful for so many people suffering from joint pain because it strengthens all of these components surrounding the knee joints.
Over time, the surrounding structures of the knee joints have a diminished ability to retain fluid. Circulation becomes weak, so knee pain and stiffness are more noticeable and harder to treat. By working on this area with a Cellerciser®, the results seen by many users indicate that it’s possible to improve fluid retention and circulation throughout the entirety of the knee joint systems. 

Benefits of Rebounding Over Traditional Training Exercises

When joint problems develop, it’s not uncommon for them to develop into destructive cycles that become very difficult to break. For example, imagine an athlete that over a period of many years damages the knee joints to the point that they experience daily pain. This pain makes it harder to exercise, so they gain weight over time. This excess weight, in turn, puts even more strain on the knees and other joints in the body, making it even harder to exercise. Eventually, this individual may feel trapped and unable to improve because traditional training exercises will be too painful or impossible to perform. 
Rebounding with a Cellerciser® offers an effective alternative to high-impact, strenuous exercises that can often do as much harm as good. Rebounding does not place more weight on the body but instead increases the feeling of the weight of the body by introducing weightlessness sensations and G-forces to the exercise routine. Additionally, rebounding with a Cellerciser® rebounder helps to avoid the jarring effects of typical exercises that many people experience when they perform typical exercises. Just like the cycle of injury, weight gain, and difficulty exercising, injuries and strain sustained from jarring, high-impact exercises can just as easily prevent an individual from exercising and strengthening their joints enough to experience relief from their symptoms. 

Overcoming Knee Pain With a Cellerciser® 

When an individual suffers from knee pain, regardless of whether it originates from an injury or just weakness, it’s essential to strengthen all of the supporting structures around the joint. Working on muscle groups in the legs through traditional exercise will likely be too painful to see results. Most exercises for the legs involve either high-impact cardio such as running and jogging or weightlifting exercises such as leg lifts and leg presses. When the knee is already damaged, strenuous activities like these can only make things worse. 
Rebounding with a Cellerciser® offers the chance to rebuild and strengthen the supporting structures around the knee joints, including the tendons, ligaments, and small muscle groups that often go overlooked with typical exercises. Strengthening these areas of the knees improves circulation and fluid retention, which eases joint pain and improves the function of the entire knee joint structure. 
One of the best parts of using a Cellerciser® is how easy it is to develop an individualized routine that’s not only effective but also fun. It only takes a few minutes each day to start seeing results, and it’s possible to target specific areas of the knee joints with different motions. For example, side-to-side movements and “ski patrol” exercises help to strengthen the front of the knee, the lateral structure of the knee, and the supporting musculature. 

Rebounding for Weight Loss

Another great benefit of using a Cellerciser® for knee pain is the fact that anyone can do multiple rebounding exercises to lose weight. When a person carries excess weight every day, the knees are some of the first areas to feel the strain. Instead of falling into a cycle of pain, weight gain, and inability to exercise, rebounding provides a natural outlet for whole-body fitness. 
Using a rebounder to strengthen the upper and lower body every day can help a person shed excess weight faster than they might expect. Rebounding exerts an additional gravitational force on the entire body, and the sensations of extra weight and weightlessness can have a variety of positive effects on the average person’s body. It’s likely that one of the first areas to experience pain relief from this kind of strengthening and weight loss routine will be the knees.

Try a Rebounder to Improve Knee Pain Symptoms

Knee pain can be difficult to treat, and it might seem counterintuitive to focus on these areas when they experience pain every day from typical activities like walking and light lifting. However, Cellerciser® rebounding strengthens all the supporting structures of the knees with low-impact exercises that provide a host of additional benefits to the body. Like any type of exercise routine, it’s vital for anyone considering trying a Cellerciser® to speak to their doctor first to limit their risk of injury. When done safely and correctly, rebounding may provide relief from knee pain caused by weakness and injury.  
NOTE: Remember to always consult with a doctor or health professional before starting any new exercise routines.
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