2020-3.30 - Cellercise® LIVE w/Dave Hall - QA, Feet, Weight Loss, & Cellercise® Features

Let us know how we can help! 435-562-4456 For more videos check out our video library at: https://cellercise.com/video-library-for-rebounding/ 00:00 Introduction 01:55 Testimonials 09:39 What sort of improvements do users find within a short 2 week period? 10:41 Do you have a routine I can do with a hurt foot? 12:35 Please explain the difference between and the benefits of the Cellerciser and a large trampoline? 14:17 The effects of Cellercising while fasting. 15:34 If you want to lose weight fast is it better to Cellercise multiple times a day or just one good workout? 16:31 Movements that help with osteoporosis. 17:06 I’m interested in purchasing the Cellerciser. I’m 5’0 108 pounds, I’m wondering if the bounce will be too firm for me? 18:27 What are the benefits of purchasing a unit with the balance bar or without a balance bar? 19:20 Dave introduces his guests. 20:55 Begins movements, children show each movement while Dave describes the movement and its purpose. 34:20 Have you found that pointing your feet versus flexing your foot makes a difference? 34:41 Routine 38:04 Can you do the Jamba Run without a bar? 39:04 Routine 40:46 Is twisting bad for osteoporosis? 43:48 What song is on the Cellerciser Mr. Rebounder App 45:03 Routine Before beginning any exercise routine, you should consult with your doctor. The #Cellerciser helps expose weaknesses, so if you feel pain or discomfort while using the Cellerciser, consult with your doctor. Your doctor may also give Dave Hall a call for various #Cellercise #Rebounder techniques that they may consider. You may also give Dave Hall a call and he can share with you techniques that you can consult with your doctor on. The DVD, “Cellercise...the Ultimate Exercise!” personal trainer section may also be referenced by your Doctor. Dave Hall has 30 years experience working with doctors and health practitioners and is happy to consult with yours. We want you to have a growing and healthful experience. cellercise.com
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