2021-5.17 - Cellercise® LIVE w/Dave Hall - QA, Massaging the Back & Neck

Let us know how we can help! 435-562-4456 For more videos check out our video library at: https://cellercise.com/video-library-for-rebounding/ 00:00 Introduction 00:40 Testimonial 01:49 Does the Mr. Rebounder App ever go on sale? 02:39 Testimonials 10:01 What about prolapse in women, does Cellerciser cause it to get worse? 11:07 How do you launch from baby bounce to the feet leaving the mat? Is there a trick to doing that first hop? 12:04 Can we get a close up of Dave working on the cervical area of the atlas area, rear view? 13:30 Anything on calcium in the blood? 14:40 Benefits for iron man competitors? 16:34 Strength and balance test on a newcomer. 21:11 Lower back pain 22:35 Anything for a ripped deltoid or rotator cuff issues? 23:20 I have broken my lower fibula and needed surgery along with a plate as it wasn’t stable, I am due to get the cast off in 10 days provided its healed, and then into a moon boot. So that I can then start physical therapy. How can I incorporate Cellercise exercises to strengthen in conjunction with physical therapy and healing? I need to build more strength to prevent my broken fibula again. 25:35 I have a problem on my deltoid on the front of my shoulder down my arm and it hurts. I try the shoulder exercises you show but they don’t hit the spot. 26:24 Is it possible I have so much lymphatic glandular stagnation that it’s not wise to Cellercise? 27:55 Recently came down with a head cold allergy. If I don’t feel super exhausted, can I jump? 29:08 I’m really struggling with nausea and dizziness that others have said comes from over doing it. It’s just sea sickness without the boat, I just feel really ill. I will take responsibility for being too enthusiastic, but I would love to know what is going on and if there are measures I can take to avoid it while keeping up a steady routine? 32:30 Why don’t you have a location in Canada where you have stock and can ship out from there? People in the US have free shipping but shipping to Canada is sometimes $100. 34:07 What’s the best exercise for inner thighs and triceps? 35:07 How much do you need to change your diet to see weight change? 35:50 How much time on the mat do you need to see real change? 36:04 Does the Cellerciser help with sleep apnea? 36:29 Does Cellercise help with the back if you have scoliosis? 36:51 Do you have any advice to strengthen the wrists? I have pain when I do planks or do anything that puts weight on them. 38:01 Dr. Linder Routine describes the routine and the benefits. 41:58 Begins Routine. Routine is located in the advanced section of the Mr. Rebounder App. Before beginning any exercise routine, you should consult with your Doctor. The Cellerciser helps expose weaknesses, so if you feel pain or discomfort while using the Cellerciser, consult with your Doctor. Your doctor may also give Dave Hall a call for various Cellercise techniques that they may consider. You may also give Dave Hall a call and he can share with you techniques that you can consult with your Doctor on. The DVD, “Cellercise...the Ultimate Exercise!” personal trainer section may also be referenced by your Doctor. Dave Hall has 30 years of experience working with doctors and health practitioners and is happy to consult with yours. We want you to have a growing and healthful experience. cellercise.com mrrebounder.com #cellercise #cellerciser #rebounder
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