Rebounding's Health Benefits for Your Lungs are Incredible

Rebounding's Health Benefits for Your Lungs are Incredible

Rebounding strengthens lungs in a variety of ways, from improved function to increased capacity.

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Our lungs are the primary part of an intricate and delicate respiratory system, designed to pull in oxygen and disperse it throughout the body and extract and expel carbon dioxide. They are far more hardworking than you realize, with an estimated 2,400 kilometers of airways, and between 300 and 500 million alveoli, the specialized lung cavities where the gas exchange takes place.

The lungs also face a variety of potential problems, from illnesses and infection to conditions and injuries. Pneumonia, for example, affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide and is responsible for an estimated four million deaths a year. And as they are responsible for so much, it's a key concern that they are healthy, and functioning as strongly as they can.

Not surprisingly, rebounding is a great way to work your lungs out, keep them healthy, and improve their function. Here are some of the main health benefits rebounding offers for your lungs.

Rebounding Health Benefits for Lungs

Increased Lung and Breathing Capacity

Starting in our mid-20s, as we age, our lung capacity will start to slowly deteriorate, particularly if we haven't been keeping our lungs active through exercise. Rebounding is a great exercise to reverse the deterioration, and instead, slowly be able to increase your lung capacity, and improve your breathing.

Improved Valve Function

The valves in our heart work hard, and rebounding is a great way to strengthen them and help them function properly to prevent the backward flow of fluids to your heart and lungs. A build of fluid in either the heart or lungs can be dangerous.

Less Congestion

As you engage in rebounding exercises, the movements involved in the exercise and the stimulation of your lungs and respiratory system clear out the mucus in your nose and sinuses. The result is that you breathe more clearly, and even relieve sinus pressure.

Rebounding Can Benefit Your Singing Voice

It's true, rebounding can also improve your voice! With controlled rebounding breathing exercises, you can start to have greater control over your lungs and diaphragm, which in turn allow you better control over your voice, including more power and resonance, and less strain on your vocal cords.

A Demonstration of the Health Benefits of Rebounding on Your Lungs

Now let Cellercise® founder and health innovator Dave Hall show you just how powerful the Cellerciser® can be for your lungs.

Let me demonstrate, and I'll tell you more about what it does. But you hear my voice right now, right? Watch this. Don't do anything. I'll show you how to do this because there's a way of approaching it.

Once you kind of bend the knee, you go like this.

[Dave takes a deep breath in and starts breathing rapidly and deep as he rebounds.]

Then when I speak again, do you hear the difference?


I didn't do anything. I didn't do anything. I was just talking the same way. What it does, is it gets to the diaphragmatic area, it opens up one-third of the lung that most people don't know how to get enough oxygen to. At the same time, it's opening up the lungs, it's opening up the larynx, and it's opening up the bronchial tubes.

Yeah, and that's why they want you to do it again. Because you can, if you do too much of it. But, if I wanted to sing, I'll do...

[Dave does another rapid set of lung exercises.]

And then...

[Dave starts loudly and clearly singing.]

It just opens it up!

NOTE: Remember to always consult with your doctor or health professional before starting new exercise routines.

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