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Fitness expert and author Tosca Reno highlighted the Cellerciser®'s outstanding health benefits in a recent issue of Oxygen magazine. In her article "Abs at Any Age," Tosca explained that the Cellerciser® provides one of the best ab workouts she has ever done, and that she swears by the Cellerciser® as her go-to piece of equipment for toning up every muscle group! “I found [my abs] to be most readily available when I began a regular and rigorous routine using the mini-trampoline, aka the Cellerciser®. I should really call it ‘the Terminator’ because it terminates cheesy cellulite, bad moods, paunchy paunches, bad buttocks and weak core muscles. It pretty much fixes everything. Why? Because when you use a rebounder, you shake things up in a good way. As you jump, the time you spend in the air going against gravity changes your chemistry, the shape of your cells, and it stimulates the flow of lymph—the river of waste—in your body. website appraisal Moving all the sludge around and out helps to rid you of the junk covering your gorgeous, soon-to-be-revealed abs. One of the best ab workouts I ever did was with David Hall, the developer and owner of the Cellerciser®. He asked me to sit on the trampoline. Immediately I was confused. Aren’t you supposed to stand on those things? Down I sat. Then he told me to bounce on my butt. In order to make myself bounce, I had to engage my core deeply until liftoff happened. Then you get going and keep up the bounce for as long as you can take it. domain search availability I worked my way up to doing it in intervals, but nothing challenges my core like a good session on the mini-tramp. It is also an outrageously fun thing to do.”   -Tosca Reno Take it from Tosca and tone it up with Cellercise®! Consult our videos for suggested exercises for every muscle group, or order your Cellerciser® today. Stay connected! Follow Cellerciser® on Facebook for more fitness tips and inspiration.
NOTE: Remember to always consult with your doctor or health professional before starting new exercise routines.
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