Rebounder for Sale: Give Your Kids Something to Jump for This Holiday Season

Rebounder for Sale: Give Your Kids Something to Jump for This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is the favorite season for kids. But instead of them jumping for joy on their beds this year, get them the Cellerciser® to jump on! A rebounder is the perfect gift for the whole family. Yes, it’s a piece of exercise equipment, but it doubles as a fun mini trampoline that can make anyone in your family feel like a kid again as they bounce on it. There are numerous benefits to jumping on a Cellerciser®—and all it takes is 10 minutes a day. So while you may use it to help you lose weight, control your age and reduce the stress you sometimes feel as a parent, here are some of the benefits of having your child use the Cellerciser®.

Increase balance.

Rebounding isn’t just a great full-body workout (that will also help your kids release some of their energy), it’s great at improving balance and coordination. So if your kid is a bit of a klutz, the Cellerciser® will help him or her have improved balance, making everyday activities easier and helping prevent injuries.

Improve the immune system.

Especially in the winter, kids spread germs and get sick so easily. But, with just a one-minute sprint on the Cellerciser®, your kids can increase their circulation of white blood cells 10-15 times. Have them run on it in the morning is like giving them a dose of a natural antibiotic to help protect them from sickness throughout the day. And don’t just take our word for it. Mrs. Ginsburg left a review on our site where she said that everyone in her family uses the Cellerciser® every day and because they do she also said, “The overall health of each one of us has improved. We all feel and look better. We even have fewer colds now!”

Get a better night’s sleep.

Think about when your kids were babies. What did you do to them when they were having trouble sleeping? You gently bounced them in your arms. Now, instead of you bouncing them, have them bounce up and down on the Cellerciser® for a few minutes right before bed. Doing so will help their shoulders, back and bottoms relax, so they’ll lie down and fall asleep quickly. Now everyone can get a good night’s sleep in your house!

Stimulate the learning process.

When your child uses the Cellerciser®, it increases the oxygen and blood flow to their brain, which stimulates their brain function and activity. Kids in the U.S. spend about 900-1,000 hours learning in school a year. Having your son or daughter jump on the Cellerciser® will help ensure they’re getting the most out of all their time spent in school. Whether your child needs to start exercising or not, physical activity is good for everyone of every age. And the Cellerciser® makes exercising is easy, safe and fun for the whole family. Buy one today and give your kids something to jump for this Christmas.
NOTE: Remember to always consult with your doctor or health professional before starting new exercise routines.
Get Your Cellerciser® and start rebounding today!
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