Can Rebounding Help Those With Cancer?

Can Rebounding Help Those With Cancer?

Are Mini Trampolines Good Exercise for Those With Cancer?

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Cancer exists in many forms, and any type of cancer can wreak havoc on the human body. It’s essential for everyone to take steps to limit their cancer risk. Rebounding is one of the best additions to anyone’s workout routine, and it may offer unique benefits that can potentially limit cancer risk or improve cancer treatment’s effectiveness.


If you have concerns about your risk of developing cancer or recently received a cancer diagnosis, your exercise habits and diet could play a role in cancer prevention and treatment. Rebounding is a fantastic addition to any exercise routine, but it can be especially beneficial to those with cancer-related concerns. David Hall, the owner of Cellercise®, reminds readers that “the immune system’s job is to recognize foreign invaders. Cellerciser® activates immune system circuits through pumping action and pressure changes.”

Rebounding and the Lymphatic System

Rebounding is a low impact exercise that virtually anyone can do. Rebounding only requires mini trampolines and a few minutes each day to be effective. While rebounding can help you tone the muscles in your legs, buttocks, and lower abdomen, it also provides several other benefits that may all help limit the risk of developing certain cancers or improve some cancer treatments’ effectiveness.

Rebounding affects the body’s lymphatic system in ways that other exercises do not. As you bounce on a mini trampoline, gravity acts upon your body in a unique way. At the top of every bounce, you will experience a brief moment of weightlessness. At the bottom of every bounce, you will feel about three times heavier than usual very briefly. This sensation boosts activity in your body’s lymphatic system, which essentially acts as one of the body’s main waste disposal systems.

The lymphatic system generates T-lymphocytes that attack and remove various waste particles. For example, the body generates lactic acid as you workout. If it does not flush out of your system entirely, it can build up inside your body. Rebounding can stimulate the lymphatic system and help you flush excess lactic acid out of your system. Improved lymphatic system circulation is one of the best ways for your body to fight various types of cancer.

Your Lymphatic System and Your Immune System Responses

The lymphatic system of the human body plays a major role in the body’s overall immune system. When the lymphatic system is functioning effectively, the immune system functions better. White blood cells are integral in the body’s fight against cancer, and boosting white blood cell count is a foundational process in many types of immunotherapies and cancer treatments. Boosting lymphocyte activity by rebounding can help the immune system function better and boost white blood cell levels, which will remain elevated for quite a long time after rebounding for just ten or more minutes each day.

A healthy lymphatic system will have an easier time eliminating toxins from the body. Over time, a sedentary lifestyle can cause the lymphatic system to underperform, leading to all types of negative buildups in the body. These buildups could include lactic acid, excess cortisol, dead cells, bacteria, and other pathogens that could encourage cancer formation or the spread of an existing cancer. Essentially, rebounding helps improve the functions of your body’s systems that you will rely upon the most to prevent or overcome various types of cancer.

Dr. Morton Walker published an article talking about how efficient Cellercising was and listed more than 30 health benefits. In this article, Dr. Walker discusses a gentleman who received a diagnosis of terminal cancer but used Cellerciser® and lived. This is not to say that the Cellerciser® can cure cancer but to provide an example of how rebounding can boost immune system functions. By running as fast as he could on the Cellerciser® for one minute, he increased the number of active white blood cells in his body by 10-15 times. He could maintain this heightened level for up to one hour, effectively creating a natural antibiotic. The Cellerciser® can pull out the potential of the immune system so it can do a more effective job.

Improve Oxygen Intake With Rebounding

Oxygen is an absolute necessity for the human body, but many people do not have optimal oxygen flow due to sedentary lifestyles and various other factors. Rebounding stimulates stronger oxygen flow throughout the body. It helps to open up your blood vessels to allow oxygenated blood to flow more freely through the body, and it also improves respiration.

Cancer cells are anaerobic, meaning they can thrive more easily in an environment with low oxygen levels. By contrast, cancer cells have a much harder time living and multiplying in oxygen-rich environments. Rebounding on a regular basis and sticking with a healthy exercise routine can effectively turn your body into a very hostile environment for cancer cells.

Boost Your Overall Health and Everyday Comfort

It’s easier to feel comfortable in your own skin when your body is healthy. Rebounding offers a tremendous range of health benefits you can feel throughout your body, and these benefits are easy to achieve with just a few minutes of rebounding exercise each day. Rebounding is also very easy to do and an acceptable exercise for all age groups. Ten minutes per day tends to be the ideal range for most people, but you can experience a noticeable boost to your mood and energy levels with just a few two to five-minute sessions each day.

People undergoing cancer treatment often experience a wide range of negative symptoms from both the cancer itself as well as the intense treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Rebounding can be an easy workout that is manageable when dealing with these cancer symptoms while boosting overall immune system function, encouraging treatments to be as effective as possible. While it may be difficult for an individual undergoing cancer treatment to engage in full-fledged workouts, rebounding on a mini trampoline can be just what they need to stay as fit as possible and encourage their immune systems to respond to treatment as best they can.

Rebounding as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

The best way to prevent cancer is to make your body as hostile to cancer cell growth as you can. Eating a healthy, balanced diet and engaging in daily exercise are two of the best ways to improve your lifestyle and limit your risk of developing cancer. Rebounding on a mini trampoline can make a fine addition to your efforts to remain cancer-free.

Cancer is a highly complex disease that can affect the body in unexpected and unpredictable ways. It is vital for everyone to do whatever they can to minimize their risks of developing cancers, but it is also important to know how to respond appropriately if you receive a cancer diagnosis. Cancer treatment has evolved tremendously over the years, so if you receive such a diagnosis remain as positive and proactive as possible throughout treatment.

Rely on your family and friends for emotional support and ask your doctor if rebounding exercises on a mini trampoline could be worthy additions to your lifestyle. Remember, the contents of this article are meant to inform and do not represent specific medical advice for cancer or any other medical issue. Always consult your physician about your treatment options and for advice if you consider trying a new form of exercise.


NOTE: Remember to always consult with your doctor or health professional before starting new exercise routines.

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