Is Jumping on a Mini Trampoline Safe? Or Is Rebounding Bad for You?

Is Jumping on a Mini Trampoline Safe? Or Is Rebounding Bad for You?

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If you haven't heard of it, you're missing out. Rebounding. It's an exercise that is primarily using a mini trampoline at home or at the gym as a substitute for other types of exercise. There are a lot of questions that surround rebounding, the most notable of which is:

Are Rebounders Safe?

Safety in rebounding doesn't just come from the way that you jump on it, but the quality of the trampoline that you are bouncing on. Any exercise out there comes with certain risks. For example: if you run without warming up, you're more likely to pull a muscle. With rebounding, it's not about the warm-up as such; it's about learning the specific exercises that will enable you to maintain your balance, your concentration and still provide you with all the benefits of rebounding at the same time. More than that, you have to think about the equipment that you are using for your rebounding session, too.

Cost & Quality

You can take some very simple safety precautions when you are using your rebounder, such as using a safety mat underneath it or choosing a rebounder with a large circumference - both of these things can ensure a safer session. Most people risk their safety while rebounding because of the cost of the higher quality rebounders on the market, and yet, you must ask yourself if you can really gamble with your health and safety for the sake of saving a buck?
Rebounders can be expensive, but you must remember that price relates directly to quality. A $50 rebounder is more likely to made of flimsy materials and be made with a mat that is far too stretchy and wears too quickly. The more expensive rebounders on the market are made with space-aged mats, which will not stretch. Instead, these move with the springs to support the joints as you bounce. The cost of the rebounder that you buy depends on the manufacturer and the brand. If you are into fitness, it's worth looking at the higher quality rebounders on the market - you'll be able to spot the better options a mile off!

An Investment In You

The cost shouldn't put you off because the better the quality, the better the safety of the equipment. The materials that are used are built to last, to support you while you exercise, and to maintain a safe rebounding session. It is not easy to create a safe and balanced trampoline, so you can imagine that the cost of the right fabric of the mat, the elasticity of the springs and even the choice of metal that is used for the body of the trampoline all comes into play.
The technology and the design of modern exercise equipment takes a lot of effort, and the best thing that you can do is to look at the reviews of the rebounders that stand out to you. The reviews are written by ordinary people who are using the mini trampolines so that you can guarantee an accurate opinion on safety.

Springs Matter

When you are looking at the safety of the rebounders on the market, you need to consider what type of springs it has. Whether it's made of metal springs or bungee cords really does matter. While you may want to choose bungee cord for a quieter system, a high quality steel spring system may well be the safer option for a better-balanced bounce.

Is Rebounding Bad For You?

The next question that most people ask is jumping on a trampoline bad for you? Here's the thing about rebounding: it's fantastic. Not only is rebounding a rare, non-impact cardio workout, but it's also performed on a surface so soft that you could bounce eggs on the mat and they will not break. Imagine how supportive this will be for your ankles and knees? The softer landing allows you a workout that is easier on you than other cardio workouts, particularly running. On top of this, how FUN is trampolining?
There is nothing more exciting than doing exercise that makes you feel happy on the inside! Children love to bounce, and there's a day we all stop doing it and yet we shouldn't. There are tons of benefits of rebounding, and the aspect of fun means that you are more likely to keep doing it again and again. Fun and endorphins are addictive in a positive way, and all you need is 10 to 20 minutes a day, and you end up fitting in a beneficial workout.

Home Or Gym?

When you're exploring if rebounding is bad for you, you should consider that exercise has benefits beyond the physical. Being able to fit in exercise to your busy schedule is not always easy, and with rebounding, that changes. You can use one in the gym or in the home, and you can buy a rebounder that fits your budget - though please re-read the above about cost with quality!

Some Unique Benefits

Rebounding provides unique health benefits as well as the fun workout you seek, and it's the most effective workout for draining toxins from your body while increasing lymphatic flow. It's an excellent weight loss aid and detox technique. Along with this, you get the chance to experience a cardio workout that is kind on the joints, and this isn't something that is easy to come by. There's no hard surface to land on, which means your ankles, knees, and hips aren't going to bear the brunt of a hard impact. When it comes to choosing to lose weight, long sessions of cardio can slow down your weight loss attempt. This happens because of the metabolism slowing down. However, with rebounding, this isn't the case. You'll be able to tone your body, lose fat, and enjoy your workout all at the same time. Improving your posture and practicing your balance can help, and rebounding can help you to do this.

Why You SHOULD Rebound!

If science was to back up rebounding, would you be interested? Good; science does precisely that! NASA did some research some time ago that showed rebounding is twice as effective as running on a treadmill, and we like NASA - they ran a comprehensive study to show that it's an effective way to help the astronauts to regain muscle mass after space travel.
Are you still waiting to try rebounding? Stop waiting - just bounce!
NOTE: Remember to always consult with your doctor or health professional before starting new exercise routines.
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