Congratulations on the investment in your new CELLERCISER®! Cellercise® is proud to offer the highest quality and most innovative rebounder in the world. You made a great choice! A one time investment for a lifetime of benefit! Please see all the terms of the warranty below. Additionally, to help you get the best experience from your Cellerciser®, we encourage you to review the proper instructions for set-up, care & maintenance.


Dave Hall’s “Easy Bounce Cellerciser®” uses only the best materials and workmanship available. This assures that your Cellerciser® will be the best in design, performance, and durability. Each Cellerciser® comes with a limited warranty (commercial use excluded) as expressed below:We guarantee the frame to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the unit. Excluding negligence, we guarantee the workmanship and materials on the mat, springs, and rubber feet for five (5) years from the date of purchase. The Cellerciser® is warranted to support 400 pounds,. The Cellerciser® is very gentle on the knees, hips, and back. As we build up the supporting muscles and ligaments around the joints, we can then better harness the thighs and buttocks with more aerobic movements like the Jamba Walk and the Jamba Run for weight loss. The patented technology behind TriDaptable® spring adjusts for all family members. The unique alloys in the TriDaptable® spring will not stretch out like typical spring.Over the life of the Cellerciser®, depending on use, it’s possible for the springs and/or surface mat to need replacement. Replacement parts are available if needed. Warranty is valid for the original purchaser only. Any and all other guarantees or warranties, expressed, implied, written, or otherwise stated will not be recognized by Cellular Health Innovations, LLC.While every attempt is made to embody the highest degree of protection for all equipment, we cannot guarantee freedom from injury. The user assumes all risk of injury resulting from use. All merchandise is sold based upon this condition. The Cellerciser® is designed for exercise, therapeutic, and rehabilitation purposes and not for tricks. The Cellerciser® is to be used under adult supervision at all times. Users are cautioned to inspect the unit prior to each use and not to use the unit if a major structural defect in the frame, springs, matting, or footing is found. Cosmetic defects due to normal wear and tear such as paint scratches do not render this unit unfit for use.Companies that offer a lifetime warranty that allow for one part to be replaced one time in the lifetime of a unit isn’t in our opinion a lifetime warranty. For example if the spring breaks and is replaced one time in the “lifetime” of the unit and then another breaks two weeks later, and you’re out of luck, we believe that’s deceptive marketing. Our customers are family and we want you to feel confident in us. For over 20 years we have been there to take care of our Cellercise family and in turn they have been very supportive of us. We offer a lifetime warranty on our Frame, pins, bullhorns and any Rubber foot that wears out. We work with all our customers as part of our Cellercise® family. If you have an issue call us. The Cellerciser® should be a one time investment for a lifetime of benefit.International orders: While we do all we can to ship the component parts individually and safely, we cannot guarantee against any minor scratches that may occur during international shipments. Such blemishes will not affect the integrity or performance of the Cellerciser or its warranty.*Warranty does not include shpg./hdlg. Warranty for Spring cover does not cover cosmetic issues from abuse or mistreatment.*Warranty claims from outside the United States and Canada require prepayment of shipping charges by purchaser. On ALL shipments outside the United States, the purchaser and/or recipient is responsible for any and all taxes, duties, customs fees, etc.Important Notice: Cellular Health Innovations, LLC cannot be held responsible for this warranty unless the Cellerciser the purchase can be verified through this website, .If you should have any other questions, please contact Cellular Health Innovations, LLC.: Info@cellercise.comCustomer Service and order line: 1-800-856-4863When emailing us for information, be sure to include your name, address, and daytime phone number along with any other purchase information/verification.