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Cellercise® and Osteoprosis?

Cellercising creates a weight-bearing activity without the jar of typical exercise, so the bones are stimulated in their osteoblastic activity to utilize minerals to remodel as well as build bone density. We have many wonderful written testimonials from our customers who have had severe degenerative bone problems, and have been able to report remarkable benefits with Cellercise®.

New Tri-fold legs are not laying flat on the ground?

Because the Tri-fold has additional hinges, the frame has more movement and the hinges may be a little stiff initially. Open the Cellerciser® up and push down at the hinged areas until it lays flat. Over a short period of time the hinges loosen up naturally. The Tri-fold actually has the ability to lay flatter on uneven surfaces compared to the 1/2 fold.

Cellerciser® vs Rebounders

If you are truly interested in changing your health and taking advantage of the benefits of rebounding, it pays off to get a high quality rebounder. Not only do cheap rebounder models break down quickly, poor mat quality and springs can cause a jarring bounce, leading to potential injury to your joints, ligaments, bones and muscles. The Cellerciser®’s all-steel frame, space-aged mat, and patented Tridaptable® springs provide long-term durability and the best bounce possible. Cellercise vs Rebounders

Cellercise® vs. Typical Rebounders

The Cellerciser® provides the safest bounce and best long-term value compared to other high-end rebounders on the market. The Cellerciser®’s anodized Tridaptable® patented steel springs are the best quality. The frame has a lifetime warranty, and its space-age mat will not stretch or erode over time like typical mats can. The Cellerciser® is the only rebounder to use patented Tridaptable® spring that adjusts to each user’s weight to provide a smooth, resistance and injury-free bounce. The Tridaptable® spring design can support each family member from 15 lbs to over 300 lbs.

Cellercise® – Just 10 minutes a day?

Yes! Because the Cellerciser® is weight bearing on every muscle in your body over 100 times per minute. It doesn't tear down to build up and can be done everyday several times a day if desired. Most people begin seeing and feeling results with the Cellerciser® almost immediately. Feel stronger, healthier, happier and with more energy in as little as 3 weeks.

Cellercise® – who can benefit?

People of all ages, from children to adults, can benefit from regular use of the Cellerciser®. Our happy customers include families with young children, busy working professionals, the elderly, those physically challenged and even world-class athletes.

Cellerciser® – Travel features

The 1/2-fold Cellerciser® folds in half and fits into a carrying bag for easy storage or transport. The Tri-fold folds up into thirds, fits in a carrying case with wheels and a pull out handle for more convenient travel.

Cellercise® – How often should I Cellercise®

Used daily, Cellercise® is the wakeup call for the body. Movement up and down opens up circulation, massages internal organs and can improve blood chemistry. Cellercise® doesn't tear down or damage the body like many typical exercise programs, therefore Cellercise® is safe to do daily and can be done several times a day. It builds up without tearing down. How long? That’s up to you! We recommend that you go easy when you start out. You can start with just a few minutes a day, or work your way up to longer exercise sessions. Please consult your healthcare provider before beginning the Cellerciser® fitness program if you have a serious medical condition. See User Guide.

Is the Cellerciser® noisy? What can I do if my springs begin to squeak?

When properly maintained, your Cellerciser® should not squeak or create any loud noises during use. The springs themselves don’t actually squeak; if your Cellerciser® begins to make a squeaking noise, it is caused by steel rubbing against steel, the two 'ends' of the spring. To quiet, simply apply a drop of oil at both ends of each spring where metal touches metal. (at the pin by the frame, and at the bar on the mat).

Cellerciser® vs Bellicon type bungee cords

The Bellicon is an expensive mini-trampoline that uses bungee cords, which are not as supportive for exercise purposes. Bungee cords have a tendency to stretch out, especially as they warm up. They also shed particulates as they rub, have off-gassing, and smell. The response time of bungee cords can be sluggish, and can cause pronation of the ankles and the knees, causing hip and back issues. Bungee cords need replacing as they wear out. The Cellerciser® uses patented technology. The Tri-daptable® springs adjust for different weights. One unit can support the entire family. The steel springs are designed to support exercise movements in a way the Bellicon cannot. Steel springs do not wear out like bungee cords. They have no off-gassing, nor do they release particulates like bungee cords. Steel springs when maintained properly, are very smooth and quiet. They actually become more quiet over time. Bungee cords can become squeaky over time and have to be replaced.

Do the hinges compromise the strength?

The frame comes with a lifetime warranty! Actually the hinges offer additional strength. The hinges are much thicker than the frame itself. The Tri-fold frame moves with you more than a bi-fold does, which reduces stress on the frame and the springs.

Cellerciser® weight?

Shipping weights in box 1/2-fold Cellerciser® weighs 33 pounds 1/2 fold Cellerciser® w/balance bar 41 pounds Tri-fold Cellerciser® 34 pounds without the balance bar and 46 pounds with it. Subtract 3 lbs. without packaging Balance bar 1/2 fold approx. 9 lbs. Balance Bar Tri-fold approx. 8 lbs.

Cellerciser® Tri-fold or 1/2 fold, which is better?

The 1/2 fold and Tri-fold models are both made with the same quality materials, and both are great products. The 1/2 fold locks into place, so more of the stress is directly on the springs. The Tri-fold has a flexible frame. Jumping from side to side, the Tri-fold frame actually flexes with the springs. The Tri-fold model keeps the user more centered, and can offer a slightly better and more intense workout. We’ve had numerous customers note that they can tell the difference between the 1/2-fold and the Tri-fold models. Other than that, the Tri-fold has the added benefit of being more portable. But irrespective...both units will offer the same results.

Cellercise® dimensions and shipping weight?

The Cellerciser®’s frame is 40 inches in diameter; the actual surface mat is 28 inches in diameter. One size fits all feet. Shipping dimensions: 1/2fold(no balance bar)41x21x4Weight:33 lbs 1/2fold (w/ bar) 41x21x4 Weight: 41 lbs. Trifold (w/ bar) 22x24x6 Weight: 46 lbs.

Cellerciser® – Why not a bigger version?

The Cellerciser®’s mat and frame size are specifically designed to support our proven exercise movements. The wider the diameter of a mat, the less support is in the middle, and the more the feet can pronate. Larger units will not offer the support of a Cellerciser® and can become more sluggish with less resistance. If a trampoline is too soft then it can affect results. It takes resistance to create the pressure changes to open up lymphatic drainage, create weight bearing affects for stronger muscles, connective tissue and bones. Cellercise® has over two decades of proven results.

Cellerciser® – height from floor?

The Cellerciser® sits 10 inches off the floor.

Why is the balance bar loose?

Like the training wheels on a bike, the balance bar is designed to promote better balance without becoming dependent on the bar for balance. By making the bar loose, one can pull the bar close to tighten it up. Often without even knowing it balance and equilibrium improves for all ages and in every area of life. Feel younger, stronger, healthier....and perform better.

Tri-fold Cellerciser® on an Airplane?

Yes! The Tri-fold Cellerciser® can fit in many commercial airplane overhead compartments or be checked on as luggage. Founder David Hall travels with his regularly. Please note: With the luggage bins getting smaller it's often easier to check the Cellerciser® in as luggage. With ease of portability, built in dolly and pull out handle you need never leave home without it! Always check with the airline for details.

Cellercise® Balance Bar Assembly

Every Cellerciser® comes with instructions for setting up the bar. You can also watch the following video for a demonstration:   Easy Balance Bar Installation in Less Than a Minute - Cellercise® Rebounder  

Replacement Parts?

Every Cellerciser® part is replaceable. Contact our customer service team at (800) 856-4863 / 435-562-4456 or if you need a replacement part.

Weather Resistant?

The Cellerciser® is UV and weather-resistant and can be left outside. You may need to hose it off occasionally if you live near a beach or have salty air, and the paint may oxidize over the years, but the springs, mat and frame will hold up well. Founder David Hall has stored one of his Cellerciser® outside for 16 years and it's still in great condition.

Are the springs replaceable?

The following video demonstrates how to replace a spring on the Cellerciser®:   Cellerciser® Instruction For Spring Replacement

Re-attaching a leg?

Generally when this happens, the spring slips into the leg. If you take the rubber foot off the leg, you can find the spring. Watch this demonstration video for more information on reattaching the spring or call our office at 435-562-4465 M-F, 9-5 (mst):   Cellerciser® Instruction For Spring Replacement

Does it come with extra parts?

We include two extra springs and a few bar clips with each Cellerciser®. The bar clips fit inside the balance bar to create the push pins. You will probably never need to use them, but we include them just in case. We don't ever want you to have to miss a day of Cellercise®!

Are there exercises for the back?

The Cellerciser® is very helpful at exposing weaknesses. It’s also very gentle on the body. The Cellercise® videos demonstrate specific movements you can do to open up circulation in the back and increase circulation to the disks. That's very important as we lose natural circulation to the discs as by our early 20's. We need movement and increased circulation to the discs which is what Cellercise® offers. If you have a serious medical condition or injury, consult your health care practitioner before beginning the Cellercise® exercise program.

Effective for weight loss?

For weight loss and increased metabolism. The Jamba run is the most intense aerobic activity you can do on the Cellerciser®. It utilizes the biggest muscles in the body, which can provide the fastest results. To do the Jamba run, spread your feet apart, bend at the knees slightly, keep your back straight and avoid leaning forward to keep the weight on the thighs while running in place. If your knees and thighs are not yet strong enough to do the Jamba run, you can begin with the Jamba walk, which is walking in place in the same position. Performing repetitions of the Jamba run will cause the body to eat up the glucose and sugars in the bloodstream very quickly. Doing repetitions causes the body to go after the white adipose tissue—or fat—for more fuel. The Jamba run also helps to increase and sustain the metabolic processes, allowing the body to metabolize or continue to burn calories faster for a longer period of time.

What about Bladder Control?

Standing on the Cellerciser® and moving up and down puts more weight on the sphincter muscle. By doing kegel tightening positions and then bouncing, you can help tone, build up and strengthen the muscle. With time, this movement can help improve bladder control issues. Remember...Cellercise® is weight bearing on all muscles from the inside out!

Does it cause Headaches?

Typical rebounders that have a jarring effect can cause headaches, Jumping too high on a trampoline can cause headaches. When moving up and down on a Cellerciser®, we eliminate the jarring but it can take a couple weeks for the connective tissue surrounding the brain and internal organs to firm up. Start off easy without high jumping for the first couple weeks. If you are new to the Cellerciser®, consult our videos. They outline a recommended Cellerciser® program for your first, second, third and fourth weeks. It allows your body time to adjust and the connective tissues to firm up. After the third and fourth week, headaches are not usually a problem, as the connective tissues around the brain have improved. This is one of the benefits to boxers to help avoid knockouts. Movement up and down strengthens the connective tissue surround the brain and other internal organs. On the Cellerciser® it avoids the impact which can be damaging on joints. We have numerous reports from customers whose migraines were alleviated/eliminated while Cellercising.

Dizziness, Vertigo & Strokes?

The movement of Cellercise® up and down, can increase oxygen and blood flow directly to the brain. Although this is healthy, it may cause a little dizziness initially. So be careful when first stepping off the Cellerciser®. Any dizziness should subside within a few days and the circulation improves and the body adapts. Several reports for people who are once again are enjoying roller coaster rides. Most everyone with Vertigo have benefited within one month of Cellercising. Cellercise® has also been used successfully following strokes to help stimulate and retrain brain activity. Check with your doctor.

Why are my calf muscles burning?

The weakest area of circulation from the heart is in our lower extremities, so that’s often where we feel it first. Moving and lifting the heels up and down on the Cellerciser® works the calf muscles. As circulation and strength within your lower extremities improves (generally within a few weeks), any burning generally fades away.

Is there a weight limit?

The Cellerciser® is warranted to support 400 pounds,. The Cellerciser® is very gentle on the knees, hips, and back. As we build up the supporting muscles and ligaments around the joints, we can then better harness the thighs and buttocks with more aerobic movements like the Jamba Walk and the Jamba Run for weight loss. The patented technology behind TriDaptable® spring adjusts for all family members. The unique alloys in the TriDaptable® spring will not stretch out like typical spring.

Exercising before or after eating?

As a general rule, it's best to do agressive Cellercise® before eating or at least 20 minutes after eating. As you move up and down on the Cellerciser®, food and digestive enzymes in the stomach can move up and down against the sphincter muscle, and can be uncomfortable if done immediately after a meal. However it's very healthful to gently Cellercise® after a meal. Rocking side to side, gentle twisting to help feed the digestive enzymes to food particles, or walking in place. Most heart attacks occur after big holiday meals when people are inactive...(ex. sitting on the couch) . It's better to move around some...the Cellerciser® can be most helpful.

Safe while Pregant?

If you’ve been active during the course of your pregnancy, exercising on the Cellerciser® should not be a problem, though it is best to always consult your health care practitioner before beginning any new form of exercise during pregnancy. Cellercising eliminates up to 7/8ths of the ballistic impact or jar to the joints compared to typical aerobic impact exercise, making Cellercise® a great option for exercise during pregnancy. It can also help increase circulation, oxygen, nutrients and blood flow to both the mother and the developing baby. In fact, it is not unusual for women who Cellercise® regularly to have quick deliveries, because the body's flexibility and increased responsiveness! (Several within 30 mins.) The Cellerciser® is a great way to tighten and strengthen your entire body following pregnancy—and can particularly help re-strengthen the abdominal wall. The sit and bounce graduated movements can strengthen the abdominal wall and help promote contractions to lift, tighten and tone from the inside out.

Can it help prevent Knee, Hip & Back problems?

The skeletal system cannot support itself; it is supported by the ligaments, tendons and muscles. When these are compromised by weakness or injury, we can have increased pressure on the joint area, restricting circulation. Eventually that can lead to arthritic conditions or joint health problems. If we undergo surgery but don’t address the cause of weakness in a particular joint area, often we will end up with compounded or additional problems down the road. The Cellerciser® can help increase circulation and strength to all body parts and functions, including the joints. Many of our customers have elected to work first at restructuring and strengthening the supportive muscles and ligaments with the Cellerciser®, and as a result have been able to avoid surgeries altogether.

What can I do for Cellulite?

The Jamba run has been deemed by a number of doctors to be so intense that it can actually help grow new capillaries and increase circulation to burn off white adipose tissue or cellulite. To do the Jamba run, spread your feet apart, bend at the knees slightly, keep your back straight (avoid leaning forward) to keep the weight on the thighs, and run in place.

Effective for Muscle Building?

Our videos contain specific isometric and isotonic exercises for toning the arms, and building up muscle mass and bone density while utilizing the increased G-forces and leverage techniques with Cellercise®.

Barefoot or Shoes?

Bouncing barefoot, in socks, or with soft-soled slippers helps to increase flexibility in feet. The feet are designed to be flexible; by wearing shoes, we restrict the movement of the foot. Cellercise® offers support to avoid pronation while allowing the foot to become more flexible to movements. In extreme cases, some people may need additional foot support, but in most cases, even those who have orthotics have found that Cellercising helps improve the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons in the feet to support natural alignment.

Good for Children?

Children instinctively understand the value of moving up and down; they jump up and down in their cribs, on the couch, and when they dance. The Cellerciser®’s up and down movement helps improve how children feel and perform, while improving balance, rhythm, timing, dexterity, hand-eye coordination, stimulated brain activity and learning ability. A quick safety note: If the balance bar is attached to your Cellerciser®, be sure children do not swing on it, as they can tip the Cellerciser® over.

Arthritic Conditions?

Cellercise® increases lymphatic and cardio pulmonary circulation. Because Cellercise® incorporates weightlessness and weight bearing over 100 times per minute through the movement up and down, it helps to increase circulation between the joints. Cellercise® is not jarring on the bones and joints. Various movements on the Cellercise® rebounder can target different areas of the body.

Is it a good exercise for Heart Conditions?

Please consult your health care provider before beginning the Cellercise® exercise program if you have a serious medical condition. The pumping movement of Cellercise® makes it easier on the heart and collateral muscles surrounding the heart while providing great benefits. People that may otherwise find exercise difficult often find they can Cellercise®.