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Features of the Cellerciser®


For nearly 30 years I’ve explained the important distinctions between mini-trampolines, rebounders and my Cellerciser®. Typical rebounders use canvas, nylon, or plastic mats and may look the same, but when the mat stretches it can cause the ankle to buckle or pronate. This can damage the ankle, knee, hip and back. Our space-aged mat, made in the USA, won’t stretch. It moves with the action of the spring and supports the different movements without throwing you off balance or causing your feet to pronate. For that reason alone the Cellerciser® is worth the price difference. But there’s much more…


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Evolution of the

TriDaptable® Spring

The Cellerciser® uses the patented TriDaptable® spring that offers support, movement, adaptability, and lift. It’s the only self-adjusting spring of its kind, adjusting to the weight of the person using it and to the height that the person is jumping. It stretches from the middle, and the weight is gradually absorbed as needed through the tiered-tapered ends allowing the body to accelerate and decelerate smoothly and safely with added support.

Most other rebounders use little tube springs that can cause nerve damage, knee problems, and lower back pain.

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Patented Professional and Portable Tri-fold Cellerciser®

w/ patented Built-in Dolly!

The home-based model folds in half for easy storage or travel. The professional model folds into thirds and fits into a carrying case with built in wheels and a pull-out handle. This makes it easier to travel with on commercial airplanes. The rip-stop nylon carry case is similar to parachute material. It’s strong and water resistant. The unique Cellerciser® folds up and slides into the carry case. It’s completely portable.

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The Frame: All-Steel

Construction (No Plastic!)

Plastic composite frames and units have a history of cracking when used for mini trampolines. The Cellerciser®’s all-steel construction frame and hinges provide superior strength and is designed to last a lifetime.

Cellerciser® springs do not connect directly to the frame like other rebounders. Thirty-six holes are drilled through the steel frame and the springs are connected to special stainless steel pins. The frame is robotically welded to avoid cold spots or weaknesses in the weld. The frame and legs can fold up in less time than it takes to put on your tennis shoes!

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Mat Material

Typical mini-trampolines can use canvas, nylon or plastic mats that stretch causing the feet to pronate, leading to ankle problems, back problems, and knee problems. The Cellerciser® mat is created using a patented polypropylene process. Every mat fiber is put under nearly 200 tons of pressure and is run through an oil drum bath over 160 degrees! It’s space-aged, and won’t stretch out. The result – a wonderful feel and great support. The unique fabric is used for swimming pool covers, is UV resistant, and made in the USA.

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30 days

5 Year Limited Warranty &

30 Day Money-Back

Lifetime Warranty on frame, rubber feet, 5 Year Limited Warranty on Mat and Springs / with lifetime upgrade option & 30 Day Money-Back The Cellerciser®...a one time investment for a lifetime of benefit! The Cellerciser® is warranted to 300 pounds, although it has been used successfully by individuals weighing much more. Our warranty is not a “deceptive lifetime warranty” that will only replace one part, one time in the lifetime of the product.

We also understand the need for & provide a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee (less a $100 restocking/hdlg. fee). You’ll love your Cellerciser®

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When you invest in a Cellerciser®, you become part of the Cellercise® family. We are available 9-5 M-F (mst) or by email at to answer your questions & to share the best exercises toward your fitness objectives.

ALERT: The Cellerciser® may increase strength, energy, performance and health. Use at your own benefit.

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