Home Gym Essentials: The Cellerciser® Mini Trampoline + Other Must-Haves

In recent months, the desire to work out at home has become increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused restrictions on gym access, and many people aren’t comfortable working out in an enclosed space with strangers. Even for those not influenced by the coronavirus, home workouts are often a more popular way to stay fit due to the convenience and privacy of staying at home. However, to create the ideal home gym, there are certain essential pieces of equipment that everyone must have.
To get the full-body workout that commercial gym equipment provides, many home fitness lovers choose to build a fitness gear collection to give them the same activity level. It may seem like a daunting task, but when an individual knows the home gym essentials to include in their workout room, it is not difficult to assemble. Some choose to buy individual pieces as they can afford them, and others prefer to invest in everything at once. No matter how one goes about making their purchases, the important thing is knowing which home gym essentials to buy.

The Cellerciser®

This rebounder is a vital piece of exercise equipment to have in the home and is a great item to start with when building a home gym. The trampoline is a great choice for families trying to get healthy together because it adjusts to each person’s unique body size and can be used by fitness lovers of any age. The rebounder doesn’t need to be changed or adjusted between users, and it is more beneficial than other aerobic exercises like jogging or running on hard asphalt and concrete. The steel spring technology and high-quality mat promote joint health and are easier on the knees than other activities. This home gym essential is one of the best items to incorporate into a workout routine because users can benefit from over 200 health benefits of using the rebounder. Some of the many positive effects users feel after using the Cellerciser® include improved circulation, better digestion, faster metabolism, calorie-burning, better heart health, and increased cell efficiency.
With over 30 different exercises that can be done on this rebounder, there is something everyone in the household can do to increase their physical endurance and begin to get healthier. The steel springs in the Cellerciser® are quiet and adapt to each user’s weight without making any changes to the equipment, which makes rebounding a perfect activity to perform while watching favorite TV programs or listening to music. Not only do Cellerciser® users feel more energetic during the day, but they often report that they get a more restful sleep at night. As if these benefits aren’t convincing enough, the rebounder also folds up for easy storage when it is not being used, so it is perfect for anyone with limited space in their house.

Squat Rack

One of the most important pieces of equipment to include in any home gym is a quality squat rack. This may be one of the more expensive items that a home gym enthusiast will buy, but it will be the gym’s anchor for many years, so it is important to research products and not skimp when buying this piece. Keep space in mind, as well, as this will likely be the largest piece of equipment in the gym. Researching the perfect squat rack for a home gym involves looking at several important considerations, including accessories, available floor space, and budget constraints. Many home gym enthusiasts would have nothing less than a power rack. These squat racks allow for building on over time and have safety features that other products don’t.

Weight Plates

When building a home gym, one feature that most can’t do without is Olympic weight plates, which can be used with squat racks, dumbbells, and barbells. The Olympic size plates are preferred over standard size weights because they are of a sturdier quality and have superior features. Olympic plates are typically available in rubber, urethane, and iron. When a fitness buff is looking for quiet plates that won’t easily damage the floor of their home gym, the urethane and rubber plates are the go-to choice. Iron plates are a bit cheaper, which is the primary reason consumers choose them. Still, either option will provide the same physical benefits and allow the user to do the same exercises.

Dumbbells and Barbells

When it comes to home gym essentials, some of the first items people think of are dumbbells and barbells. These important items contribute to a full-body workout and can be used in a variety of ways. Dumbbell and barbell sets are available in several different varieties for a home gym. Most fitness lovers prefer high-quality Olympic size barbells over inferior products because they are resistant to chipping, cracking, and bending.
When it comes to dumbbells, most home gym owners opt for a fixed set that starts with 10 pounds and increases to the maximum they choose in 5-pound increments. Because it is desirable to protect one’s floor in a home gym, many people choose to buy rubber-coated dumbbells. These weights are not much more expensive than their non-coated counterparts, and they tend to have a longer lifespan. Another popular choice for home gyms is plate-loaded adjustable dumbbells.
This variety of weights come in both Olympic and standard sizes, and they are much more budget-friendly than fixed dumbbells. When space is at a premium, it often makes more sense to buy two dumbbell handles and load them with the weight plates that are part of the home gym. The last option for dumbbells, which is not as high on quality, uses an adjustable dumbbell set. These dumbbells combine the other two options’ features and often work well for individuals who don’t intend to do any heavy lifting. Although their quality is inferior, they often hold up well against minimal use.


These popular home gym essentials are available in various weights and styles. Fitness enthusiasts use them to incorporate supplemental movements into their workout routines. In-home gym use, loadable swings and adjustable kettlebells are often ideal. They are budget-friendly options and don’t take up much of the room. Many fitness lovers prefer competition-style cast-iron kettlebells, though, if they are building a large home gym. The best way to evaluate which type of kettlebells to buy is to know how frequently they will be used and decide on the purchase accordingly. Everyone has a different workout regimen and requires different equipment, so evaluating exactly which size kettlebells one needs is a cautious way to proceed.

Pull-up Bar

A quality pull-up bar is one of the best purchases a consumer can make for their home gym. Gymnastic rings work similarly. Many home gym owners choose to include them both in their workout rooms if space allows. Depending on the squat rack an individual chooses, a separate pull-up bar may not be needed. There are also considerations to make when incorporating gymnastic rings into a home gym. In general, wood rings are preferred over nylon unless they are being used outside. When shopping for pull-up bars, it is typically a good idea to avoid door-mounted options, as they don’t support much weight and often pose safety issues. They also interfere with the aesthetics of a home gym. Although they cost a little more, stud-mounted pull-up bars are the most popular choice, and their features make them worth the extra money.

Conditioning Equipment

Sleds, air bikes, and rowers are items that many consider to be home gym essentials. They provide a great cardio workout that is more enjoyable than going out jogging in inclement weather. Many home gym owners buy a treadmill right away, thinking they will use it regularly, only to find that they prefer the workout they get from these other pieces. For this reason, it is often best to avoid the cost of a treadmill until other pieces are incorporated into the gym. The other cardio equipment is far less expensive than a treadmill and typically takes up less floor space. For the home gym enthusiast who is truly working on a shoestring budget, even a jump rope can provide good cardio activity. Testing different pieces out before buying is a good way to select the items to add first.

Proper Flooring

Home gym flooring is often an afterthought, but it is vital to consider the best options when planning the gym layout. This product will provide the foundation for the fitness enthusiast’s feet and for the gym equipment itself. Although flooring is not an item that one physically uses to work out with, it affects every aspect of the home gym workout. Most home gym owners prefer rubber flooring because it improves stability when performing exercises like squats and deadlifts by allowing a firm grip between an individual’s shoes and the ground. Foam tiles are a poor choice for a home gym, so don’t even consider them. They tend to compress, negatively affect the user’s stability, absorb moisture, and wear out quickly. One of the best rubber flooring options is rubber stall mats that are often sold at farm supply stores.

Planning for Home Gym Essentials

Many fitness lovers find that a home gym is one of the best rooms they ever decided to incorporate into their homes. When planning to build a home gym, individuals should always consider the type of exercises they intend to do, their budget, and the space they have to work with. Planning before shopping for home gym essentials eliminates impulse purchases that end up not being used but taking up space. Being prepared before stocking the gym is the best way to ensure an efficient gym that the user will love.
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