Rebounding on Your Cellerciser® can Help the Immune and Lymphatic Systems

Rebounding on Your Cellerciser® can Help the Immune and Lymphatic Systems

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Rebounding on Your Cellerciser® can Help the Immune and Lymphatic Systems

Dave Hall, Owner, Cellercise®

What exactly is the lympatic system?

During my Facebook live on March 25, 2019, I discussed this exact topic. I will be citing some of the information directly from it. I love this topic, “The immune system”. We live in a culture today where all kinds of elements, threaten our health. We are being exposed to man-made chemicals, preservatives, additives, herbicides, pesticides, electromagnetic fields, heavy metals, formaldehyde, indoor and outdoor pollution.  In addition, new superbugs and vaccine resistant bacterium and viruses are rapidly threatening populations throughout the world.  We live under greater stresses affecting our mental clarity and physical well-being. We live longer, but our quality of life gets poorer. Taking a reactive approach to illness with more and more symptomatic relief drug medications has become a constant uphill battle that is destroying the quality and way of life of so many of our friends and family members.
What if there was another option? An option that could provide us greater vitality, energy, health, performance and overall better quality of life!  What if there was a proactive approach toward improving health rather than a reactive approach toward treating illness.  An approach that could help us reach our greater health potential.  What I’m about to share with you is one of the best kept and little understood methods toward achieving that greater health potential.  I’ve been teaching it for over 30 works.  ( I woke up this morning sick...I did. I knew it was coming on. My eyes, I could barely open them, my sinuses were running, eyes watering, had a headache, and I said, “Oh my goodness. Great!” Everybody around me had been sick for weeks, and I am like, “Finally got me”, and I’ve got to give my presentation tonight with swollen eyes, a runny nose, and feeling awful.
I thought, “Nope...not going to do that.  It’s not going to happen”.  And so, I started to do exactly what I am going to share with you.  It’s something I’ve done many times throughout my life.  I tell you honestly, it’s absolutely amazing. The immune system offers enormous health potential. By taking a proactive approach toward improving the ability of the immune system to do the job that it already knows how to do, we can heal faster and be stronger. The lymphatic system. It’s designed to keep us alive and healthy, and for those of you who have seen my DVD, it is a circulatory system. But unlike the cardiopulmonary circulatory system which has the heart to keep it circulating, the lymphatic system needs pressure changes and movement to keep it functioning efficiently. It starts in the toes, the fingertips, and other extremities of the body. The actual lymphatic system is made up of millions of one-way valves and it holds a negative pressure. It is important to understand this because movement causes suction, and as we move up and down on a Cellerciser®, the pressure changes, cause millions of one-way valves to start sucking like a vacuum system. Since the lymphatic system doesn’t have a heart to keep it circulating, it is dependent upon those pressure changes.  By moving up and down on a Cellerciser®, millions of one-way valves start sucking and within a few minutes, we create a circuit of movement pulling fluid through the tissue spaces, the bones and joints, and vacuuming out the internal environment of the body.
I see evidence of that every morning when I wake up and notice the puffiness around my eyes disappear.  Within three to five minutes of Cellercise®, the puffiness is gone, because of the sucking and pumping of the lymphatics. It pulls the standing fluid and circulates it through the body again.  People with swelling in their ankles or lower extremities, which are often seen as the weakest area of circulation in the body, being the furthest from the heart, have noticed similar results.  The pumping of the Cellerciser® activates the lymph system and helps the heart move the fluid through the one-way valves back up toward the heart helping to reduce edema, swelling, and varicosity, Cellercise® can make it easier on the heart as it assists with its pumping.  People who can’t do typical exercise can often Cellerciser®. Those fighting a cold an allergy, or a stuffy head can feel quick relief on a Cellerciser® as the movement up and down, starts to clear the head. One might have a runny nose until they finish going through the healing process, but they can feel better from the movement up and down on a Cellerciser®. I knew from previous experience, what I had to do.  Through the research noted in Dr. Arthur C. Guyton’s book “Medical Physiology”, I had learned that by getting on the Cellerciser® and running as fast as I could for one minute, that the number of active white blood cells in my body, could increase by 10 to 15 times and stay activated at a heightened state for up to 1 hour. That’s like 1 minute for one hour of my OWN natural antibiotic!!  I began working with my immune system to proactively go after and destroy the foreign invaders wherever they might be. There was no time to be sick or to let my body go through a week of fighting this illness which so many people around have been doing. After several hourly one minute sprints... by 1 pm I was completely recovered”. I have performed this numerous times throughout my life and have heard from other Cellercise® enthusiasts who have done the same.  There’s so much more that Cellercise® offers!! Please take a moment and watch this live presentation to see the demonstration of the running technique I used to help boost my immune system for up to 1 hour. This begins at minute 32.  And don’t doesn’t have to and shouldn’t start off that intense. Week 11
Feel stronger, Feel healthier and Feel energized in just 10 minutes a day!  “Why work out when you can Play In!” If you would like more information on the benefits of rebounding and improvements to your immune and lymphatic system, please visit our website at We would love to answer any questions you have. Copyright 2019, Cellular Health Innovations, LLC. All Rights Reserved. No unauthorized reproduction is allowed without written permission.
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