What People Say About Cellular Health Innovations LLC

People have used our Cellerciser® for everything

Cellercise® has transformed the lives of people just like you! It’s why Doctors, Chiropractors, Health Experts & Authors make up the majority of our customers. This database of over 150 testimonials for all different types of situations is a testament that Cellercise® can improve your life. Enjoy the stories!

Just a few excerpts from the above reviews library


T. Harv Eker

“I have one in every one of my homes. I even took one to Asia for a month of traveling. If you want to take your health and well-being to another level, get a Cellerciser®.” – T. Harv Eker, author of the #1 NY Times bestselling book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.


Dr. John Gray

“David Hall is the perfect testimonial for the tremendous and far reaching benefits of regular use of the Cellerciser®. In only ten minutes a day, muscle mass can can be stimulated to grow without having to first tear it down through strenuous exercise. Without stressing the body or joints, using the cellerciser® increases circulation and activates your cells to absorb more oxygen and vital nutrients.” – Dr. John Gray, Best Seller “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.”


Dan Millman

“As a past world trampoline champion and university gymnastics coach, I’ve always enjoyed jumping, but now I appreciate the profound health benefits of Cellercise® as described by David Hall, “Mr. Rebounder.” I find his enthusiasm and dedication both contagious and inspiring. I flex my cells regularly as an important part of my exercise regime, and I recommend you do the same.” – Dan Millman, Author of The Peaceful Warrior.


Dr. James Balch

“Prescription for Nutritional Healing” at the Great Wall of China on his personal Cellerciser®. – Dr. James Balch, best selling author


Carol Truman

“In my opinion, exercising on the Cellerciser® is one of the most effective ways for a person to experience optimum health at the cellular level.” – Carol Truman, Author of “Feeling Buried Alive Never Die


When you buy a Cellerciser®, you’re forever part of the family. We’re always available at (800) 856-4863 or email to answer your questions & teach you the best exercises for your unique situation. This program can change your life, guaranteed.