Recommended Home Gym Equipment: The Pieces You Need for an Ideal Workout

Working out at home has always been a popular choice for fitness enthusiasts and those trying to begin a healthier lifestyle because there is none of the pressure to “fit in” or perform at a specific level that they may feel at a commercial gym. Add to that the fact that there is no need to travel and no restrictive hours of operation, and working out at home just makes sense. But how do those looking for optimal health know what home gym equipment is best?
The benefit of commercial gyms is that they often offer a vast array of machines and free weights that most individuals don’t have space for in their homes or the financial resources to invest in them. Creating an ideal home gym doesn’t need to be complicated, however. It is easy to collect the pieces necessary for a full-body workout without breaking the bank. Anyone trying to build an effective workout area in their home should consider these essential pieces of home gym equipment.

The Cellerciser®

The Cellerciser® rebounder is a quintessential piece of home gym equipment for anyone creating a gym in their home because it is ideal for users in any age group or body size. The steel spring technology in the trampoline automatically adjusts to any user’s weight, so the whole household can use this equipment without making any adjustments. It is easy on the knees and promotes healthy joints, which is better than running or jogging outside on concrete sidewalks and asphalt streets. Perhaps the best feature of this home gym equipment is the more than 200 health benefits users may experience when incorporating it into their workout routine. Improving cell efficiency, strengthening the heart, burning calories, improving digestion, and better circulation are just a few of the many benefits Cellerciser® users may experience.
This home gym equipment offers over 30 exercise programs that everyone in the family can use to improve their health and physical endurance. The quiet steel springs self-adjust to each user and provide a fun workout that anyone can enjoy while watching a great movie or listening to motivational music. Many users report more restful sleep after using the Cellerciser® and increased energy levels throughout the day. Best of all, it folds away neatly when not in use, so it doesn’t take up valuable floor space in the home.

Proper Flooring

When creating a gym in the home, flooring is a consideration that is often neglected, but it is vital to providing a firm foundation for the feet when working out. Most people don’t look at this as a piece of home gym equipment, but it is just as important as the weights and machines that help burn calories and build muscle. Rubber flooring is often the best choice for a home gym, as it prevents destabilization when performing exercises like deadlifts and squats by improving the grip between the user’s shoes and the floor. Don’t make the mistake of choosing foam tiles as they don’t last as long, absorb moisture, decrease the user’s stability, and compress over time. The most economical and sturdy choice is rubber stall mats that are easy to find at farm and feed stores.

Conditioning Equipment

Home gym equipment like rowers, sleds, and air bikes are essential for anyone who wants an option aside from outdoor running or those intensive burpees. Treadmills are a choice that many consumers opt for, but they are expensive, often require maintenance, and take up a great deal of space. Sleds, rowers, and bikes will also provide a great cardio form at a more economic value. They also take up less space, which is often at a premium when creating a home gym. Another option that takes up even less space and won’t break the bank is a simple jump rope. Of course, a treadmill will provide a versatile cardio workout, but many home gym enthusiasts find that it’s best to start small and consider this costlier option down the road.

Pull-up Bar

Pull-up bars and similar home gym equipment like gymnastic rings are an essential element of any home gym. When individuals have the space to incorporate both into their gyms, they find that these items are some of the most effective pieces of equipment. Often, squat racks have a connected pull-up bar. It is best to avoid purchasing a door-mounted pull-up bar. These products do not support a great deal of weight, so they are not as safe as other pull-up bars. They are also unattractive when placed above the door, even in a home gym. Stud-mounted systems are a much better choice that can be hung on the wall or ceiling. They cost a bit more than the door-mounted option, but the improved look and safety make them worth the investment. Home gym users also find that wood gymnastic rings are a better choice than nylon. Nylon rings should only be considered for use outdoors.


Kettlebells come in a range of styles and weights, and they are perfect for incorporating supplemental movements into an exercise program. Adjustable kettlebells and loadable swings are perfect for small home gyms because they are inexpensive and don’t take up much space when they’re not being used. However, competition-style cast-iron kettlebells are the preferred option if there is room in the gym to store them. The best way to save money and space on these items is to know what exercises they will be used for and decide which weights to buy before investing in a pre-chosen set. Individual users’ needs vary, though. Some people opt for buying cast-iron kettlebells in the specific sizes they need.

Barbells and Dumbbells

Perhaps two of the most important pieces of home gym equipment, barbells and dumbbells, allow users a great deal of versatility and provide a full-body workout. There are several options available when choosing barbell and dumbbell sets for the home gym. As far as barbells go, high-quality Olympic size barbells are the best choice, as they resist bending, chipping, and cracking.
Most people choose a fixed dumbbell set, starting at 10 pounds and increasing at intervals of 5 pounds to the desired maximum. Rubber-coated dumbbells are popular choices for home gyms because they offer protection to the gym floor and have a longer lifespan at a cost that is not much higher than non-coated options. Some home gym enthusiasts choose plate-loaded adjustable dumbbells. These sets are available in standard and Olympic sizes and are a much more affordable choice than fixed dumbbells. Buying just two dumbbell handles and using weight plates takes up far less space in a home gym, making this the most popular choice. There is also a third dumbbell option that combines the features of the other two but sacrifices quality. That option is an adjustable dumbbell set. Adjustable dumbbells are popular with individuals who are not lifting heavy and feel that they will get good use from the weights without wearing them out.

Weight Plates

High-quality Olympic weight plates are an essential element of any home gym, as they work in tandem with barbells, dumbbells, and squat racks. Olympic size options are often sturdier than older standard size weights, and they offer better features. These plates are available in urethane, rubber, and iron. The rubber and urethane options offer better protection for the gym floor and are quieter to use. They are a bit more expensive, though, so iron is often the go-to choice. Any of these selections is a great choice, however, because they each allow the user to perform the same exercises.

Squat Rack

The final piece of home gym equipment that no one should go without is a good squat rack. This may be the biggest investment in a home gym, and it will take up the most space, but it is a home gym essential that will benefit the user for years when a well-researched purchase is made. When deciding on the best squat rack for a home gym, it is vital to consider all factors that affect the purchase, such as budget, space limitations, and accessories used with the rack. A power rack is the preferred choice of most home gym users because of their safety features and versatility of building the rack over time.

Get the Best Home Gym by Planning Ahead

A home gym can be one of the best investments an enthusiast can make in their fitness journey. It provides easy access without having to leave the house, and many individuals find that they are more motivated to work out when they can do it in the privacy of their own homes. The most important factor in creating a home gym is evaluating the type of workouts that the user enjoys and collecting the appropriate home gym equipment to facilitate those specific workouts. Spending money on pieces that won’t see much use is wasteful, and it is better to put those resources into high-quality equipment that will last through years of use. When the home gym is well-planned before purchases are made, it offers the most effective workouts at the most efficient price point.
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