2020-5.4 - Cellercise® LIVE w/Dave Hall - QA, Weights on the Cellercise®, Cellulite, & Healing

Let us know how we can help! 435-562-4456 For more videos check out our video library at: https://cellercise.com/video-library-for-rebounding/ Immune building, allergy busing, calorie burning LIVE event 00:00 Introduction 01:17 Testimonials 20:07 If I do the health bounce for an hour what health benefits will I achieve? 21:33 Do I need to incorporate cardio to clear congestion from allergies? 21:57 Is it safe to do the health bounce that long? How long will it take to clean up the congestion? 22:34 I have 2 herniated discs in my spine, and they have just been achy after Cellercising. Any advice, tips, or adjustments? 23:44 My Iliotibial tract band through my leg down my knee is tight and getting tighter how can I target that area to help? 24:36 What is a good exercise for bursitis in the hip? Can we use the Cellerciser to work on trigger points? 25:10 Is it safe to use light weight 1-2 pounds while bouncing? 25:58 If the Jamba Run helps to get rid of Cellulite on the thighs is there a particular movement that gets rid of cellulite on the arms? 26:33 I would like to hear about all your injuries and how the Cellerciser has made the difference. 32:22 Is muscle soreness the day after Cellercising a sign that I did it too long? 33:38 I want to Cellercise, but I get rib pain. 34:41 What is the point system about on the Mr. Rebounder App? 35:13 Demonstrates how quiet the Cellerciser can be. 36:45 Get ready for a routine, describes the movements and purpose of each one. 40:55 Begins 2nd Weight loss Routine. Before beginning any exercise routine, you should consult with your doctor. The #Cellerciser helps expose weaknesses, so if you feel pain or discomfort while using the Cellerciser, consult with your doctor. Your doctor may also give Dave Hall a call for various #Cellercise #Rebounder techniques that they may consider. You may also give Dave Hall a call and he can share with you techniques that you can consult with your doctor on. The DVD, “Cellercise...the Ultimate Exercise!” personal trainer section may also be referenced by your Doctor. Dave Hall has 30 years experience working with doctors and health practitioners and is happy to consult with yours. We want you to have a growing and healthful experience. cellercise.com
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