2021-8.2 - Cellercise® LIVE with Dave Hall, QA, Technique Demonstration, Balance

Let us know how we can help! 435-562-4456 For more videos check out our video library at: https://cellercise.com/video-library-for-rebounding/ 00:00 Introduction 02:18 Testimonials 06:03 I was wondering it it’s safe to Cellerciser if you suffer from a prolapse uterus? 07:20 Testimonials 13:41 My spring cover does not have the flaps that I’ve seen on some videos which cover the hinges. Just wanted to see if this is a new design or if I am missing an item? 14:48 I’ve seen videos and it looks like the foam sheets around some of the of the springs are left in the unit, but I thought they were for packaging purposes, so I disposed of them. Did I mess up? Was I supposed to leave them? 19:35 Can Cellercising help with ear wax problems? 20:20 Do you have any advice on strengthening the eyes and improving vision with the Cellerciser? 22:18 Does Cellercise help with insulin resistance? 22:52 Is there an exercise that can help a knee who is losing the cushion between the bones? 25:36 Can you talk about the Mr. Rebounder App? 35:26 What about pectoral muscles? 35:49 After having both knees replaced will I ever be able to jump on the Cellerciser? Or will I always have to have one foot on the mat as I am marching in place? 36:25 Shares a testimonial and an experience. 41:02 My wife has some serious wrist issues; she’s been losing her grip lately to the pain. It affects her sleep. Have you delt with anything in this area before? 42:35 I’m interested in doing some exercises that will help with my balance. Are there specific exercises to lower my blood pressure and cholesterol? 44:28 Can you show a close up of the Mr. Rebounder App on your iPad with the new device? 49:20 Stand-Alone Monitor 50:02 Breaks down the Baby Bounce, Jamba Walk, and Kick Outs. Before beginning any exercise routine, you should consult with your doctor. The Cellerciser helps expose weaknesses, so if you feel pain or discomfort while using the Cellerciser, consult with your doctor. Your doctor may also give Dave Hall a call for various Cellercise techniques that they may consider. You may also give Dave Hall a call and he can share with you techniques that you can consult with your doctor on. The DVD, “Cellercise...the Ultimate Exercise!” personal trainer section may also be referenced by your Doctor. Dave Hall has 30 years experience working with doctors and health practitioners and is happy to consult with yours. We want you to have a growing and healthful experience. Cellercise.com mrrebounder.com #cellercise # cellerciser #rebounder
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