Why Rebounding May Be the Best Exercise for Seniors

Why Rebounding May Be the Best Exercise for Seniors

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Even in old age, exercise is critically important to maintaining health. Senior citizens who have regular exercise routines gain numerous health benefits. However, the level of exertion involved and other factors can make it difficult for seniors to keep up with physical activity for long periods. Rebounding provides a low impact form of exercise that offers numerous health benefits without putting seniors’ health at risk. Cellercise® rebounders provide a safe and simple workout routine that’s easy for seniors to bring into their ordinary routine. As stated by Dr. Morton Walker, “As we age, most people accept the symptoms of the aging process. While you can’t reverse aging, we can avoid the symptoms of the aging process.”

Exercise Without Jarring the Body

As age advances, parts of the body become much more fragile. Seniors are much more susceptible to high impacts that can strain joints, muscles, ligaments, bones, and connective tissues, all of which are part of maintaining mobility. Unfortunately, even simple exercises like walking, which seniors tend to prefer, can put a great deal of strain on these areas, which, in turn, makes it harder to continue exercising. Rebounders provide a responsive surface that adjusts under pressure, preventing substantial impact and reducing the jarring effect on joints. Seniors can then do these exercises without worrying about over-exerting themselves and damaging their bodies through exercise.

Convenient to Do

Since rebounders take up so little space, they’re easy to fit into storage and to set up when you’re ready to use them. Seniors only need to place the rebounder in a safe location and they can start to work out. Unlike larger pieces of equipment, rebounders are easy to move and use in different places indoors, or even outside. Rebounding is also easy to perform; the low impact exercises don’t take too much practice to master. Seniors can even watch television or make phone calls while rebounding, making it easy to add to your routine.

Safe to Perform

While bouncing on a mini trampoline may not seem like the safest activity for a senior, it has limited risks. The rebounder’s low height makes it easy to climb on and off, and support bars exist for seniors who don’t feel entirely confident in their ability to stay stable while exercising. As long as they follow proper setup procedures, seniors should have no safety concerns while rebounding.

Boosts Balance and Confidence

The upward and downward movement of the body during rebounding exercises challenges all users physically. Because of the forgiving landing point, seniors can improve their sense of balance, gaining benefits both on and off the rebounder. With better balance, seniors have less to worry about in terms of trip and fall accidents in their daily lives. Many senior citizens start to feel less capable as they age and incapable of normal amounts of physical activity, let alone exercise. However, with regular exercise and increased balance, seniors start to feel more confident, improving their self-esteem along with their strength.

Strengthens Common Problem Areas

As people age, they tend to experience several issues. Knee, hip, back, and shoulders tend to see problems as time goes on, and bladder control can become an issue. Rebounding doesn’t just benefit one area, it helps the whole body, allowing for improvements and alleviated symptoms across the board. The motions used in rebounding apply to all these areas, as well as other. When they become stronger, movement and self-control become much easier. The fact that one form of exercise helps several potential pain points at once makes it easier for those who experience several issues.

Improves Digestion and Elimination

Senior citizens need to make as much use of the nutrients they take in as possible, but slowed digestion can make this process (and eliminating waste afterward) difficult. This is because the digestive system relies on intestinal muscle movement, which can slow down with age, to help process foods. Rebounding helps regulate these movements, allowing your body continue to pass waste with ease.

Increases Blood Flow and Reduces Blood Pressure

Many other factors can influence blood pressure, but age is one that’s much harder to counter. Growing older means your heart becomes weaker, which can make it harder to keep up circulation. Rebounding, as a form of low-impact aerobic exercise, allows seniors to increase their heart rates without the strain of other activities, such as running. In addition, the movement from rebounding can help break apart stuck-together blood cells and reduce the risk of hardening arteries. Both conditions can lead to blood clots and increased blood pressure, which can lead to further dangerous health conditions. By encouraging blood flow and providing chemical balance to the blood stream, seniors can see improvements to their cardiovascular health from rebounding exercises.

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Boosts Brain Function

Higher levels of circulation also mean better levels of blood to the brain, which can help provide it with needed oxygen. When the brain doesn’t receive appropriate blood flow, it can lead to health issues, such as lack of focus and decrease in memory. Lack of circulation to the brain can indicate poor circulation overall, which can cause other problems for the body. More severe conditions that may arise due to reduced circulation to the brain include changes in vision, lack of coordination, ongoing headaches, and muscle weakness. While these conditions are serious for anyone, they can become especially concerning for seniors. Rebounding helps reduce these potential risks by keeping your blood pumping and brain healthy.

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Enjoyable to Do

Aside from the extensive health benefits, rebounding is just a fun form of exercise that helps seniors feel free from the aging state of their bodies. And when exercise is more enjoyable, you’re much more likely to stick with it. By providing an entertaining and easy-to-do workout, rebounding takes away the stress of ordinary exercise for the elderly. With a safe workout combined with many health benefits, rebounding is the best exercise option for senior citizens of any age.


NOTE: Remember to always consult with your doctor or health professional before starting new exercise routines.

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