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  • Imagine turning on a radio with fuzzy reception. It's hard to discern or understand the message and much of it is missed.....

    Imagine walking into a dark room, you turn on the light and it flickers, not receiving a strong consistent current, the room is dim and it’s difficult to see your way.  Then all of a sudden the flickering begins to slow down, the room gets brighter and brighter eventually illuminating the entire room revealing other rooms that weren’t available to the sight before.

  • Now imaging fine tuning the station! The signal and message are now clear and easy to understand. That's what the right minerals can do for the health and function of our body.

    Or Imagine your in a beautiful corvette.  You turn on the engine and it sputters and knocks with only a couple pistons firing.  You limp down the road wondering why this car just isn’t performing up to its potential.  You are almost out of gas and you see a gas station.  It’s different from the one you would normally use but you decide to check it out.  You fill up the tank and turn on the engine.  It limps forward and then slowly begins to engage the full eight cylinders.  It roars to life with all the power and performance you just knew was inside.

Revitalize Your Body: Enhance Cellular Communication with CellUTions®

Now imagine your body.  It’s just not performing with the energy and vitality you feel it should have.  There may be a signal strength and communication weakness affecting body functions.  Turning up the signal strength can help but where do we start.  That’s where CellUTions® can help.  CellUTions® are all natural water soluable communication devices for the cells.  They include the electrolytes that can increase body’s signal strength to help the body parts and functions perform to their optimal levels.

Indians knew about the benefits long before we did

  • “Minerals with proper hydration are the simplest solution for improving health.”

    Dr. Rentato ParagasAuthor of, “The #1 Reason Why You’re Sick”

What is Cell-UT-ions?

  • Cell

    For the Cells

  • UT

    From the Great Salt Lake of Utah

  • ions

    Bio available ionic minerals


Ionic Mineral Bottle, CellUTions®


Without the proper useable bioavailable ionic minerals the body is compromised. It can’t perform effectively. It can’t utilize nutrients effectively. When minerals in the soil are depleted the minerals in our produce are lacking and we are starving because cells need the minerals at the enzymic level to utilize nutrients and perform bodily functions. We have a myriad of health issues and weaknesses occurring within the body when we lack the proper minerals. CellUTions offers a solution. Try it and see how you feel.