Cellerciser® Bi-Fold Rebounder with Balance Bar



  • Bi-Fold Cellerciser®
  • Carrying case
  • Balance bar
  • Intro kit includes DVD, “Don’t Exercise…Cellercise®”, and support material

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The Cellerciser® Bi-Fold folds in half for easy storage and transport in its accompanying carrying case.

Its triple-tiered springs, durable mat material, and all-steel construction provide superior strength, safety, and life-long durability.

The included Balance Bar attaches to the Cellerciser® for added balance and support, is adjustable to 3 heights, and breaks down for storage or transport in the Cellerciser® carrying case.

Don’t be deceived by other companies claiming to have a Triple-tiered tapered spring design like the Cellerciser’s Tri-flex spring. Our spring design is patented and only available through Cellercise®. It is the only self adjusting adaptive spring of its kind on the market.

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Weight41 lbs


  1. S. Sing

    I really enjoy this Cellerciser. I find my whole family loves to bounce on it, and after doing some reading about the health benefits, I’m sold. It’s fun, it’s good for you, and it came immediately. It’s very easy to assemble, or to fold and put away.

  2. Hester

    I bought a Cellerciser and am quite happy with it. I have weak knees and my knees hurt when I walk even a short distance. This rebounder is easy on the knees and works well with aerobic rebounding programs. Most people that know about rebounders consider the Cellerciser to be the Lexus of rebounders. When you consider the cost of a decent treadmill or elliptical, a quality rebounder such as the Cellerciser is worth the extra money spent.

  3. Lilac

    I’m a senior citizen who has owned my Cellerciser for about eights months. I carefully worked my way up to Cellercising for 35 minutes. In no time, I saw improvement with a knee problem that caused me to limp whenever I sat for more than 15 minutes. With the Cellerciser I am able to exercise daily. I did a lot of research before purchasing it, and decided on the Cellerciser because of the soft bounce, the fact that it folds up, and the balance bar. In the 70s I owned a cheap rebounder that probably would have caused injury if I had used it a lot. However, it had such a hard bounce that I soon got rid of it. The Cellerciser was not inexpensive, but worth every penny. I love it!

  4. Maxava

    I recently received my Cellerciser Half-Fold Rebounder and was pleased that it was set up and ready to use within minutes of pulling it out of the box. I’m enjoying using it every day and have decided to leave it set up permanently. I do like that it is easily portable so I can take it with us whenever we do go a trip. Very happy with my purchase.

  5. G. Birkner

    This is an awesome product, well made, affordable and easy to use whether you are an accomplished athlete or can only walk with the aid of a cane. Cheaper rebounders can injure your body because of the jarring effect on your knees and back due to poor springs and allowing your feet to tip inward or pronate. Not on the Cellerciser, though. It is the best rebounder on the market in my opinion. I purchased mine about 19 months ago and have used it regularly every since following David Hall’s Cellercise program. My overall health and well being are MUCH better now. Every home should have one of these.

  6. Latasha L.

    I have a lot of exercise equipment. This is by far the greatest piece I own. Easy to set up and travel with. Love that even when I have lower leg injuries that don’t allow for outdoor running I can always get a great workout on my Cellerciser.

  7. jason

    What is the weight capacity? and what warranty comes with the product. The web sight did not give this information.

    • Stryde

      Hi Jason – It’s a five-year warranty that you can learn about on the features page: https://cellercise.com/features/ The Cellerciser is warranted to support up to 300 lbs, but we’ve had customers at 400 lbs use it successfully.

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