The Science Behind Rebounder Exercises and Why They Work

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Want to learn everything you can about rebounders? Welcome to Cellercise’s Video Library! For nearly 20 years, Dave Hall has been helping the public better understand what incredible things rebounders can do, the health benefits, the specific exercises to use, and the science behind how it works. Don’t see a video that answers your question? Contact us and we’ll answer it!

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About the Cellercise® Program

Cellerciser® Creator Dave Hall
Cellercise®…the Ultimate Exercise!!
Dave Lakhani’s Review of Cellercise®
Cellercise® – Exercise For All Ages
Cellercise® – They Tear Down, We Do Not
Rebounder – Why Cellercise® is the Best!
Cellercise®: Q&A – Who can use the Cellerciser®?
Cellercise® – What Are You Waiting For?
T. Harv Eker’s Extreme Health – Cellercise® Testimonial
Cellercise®: Q&A – Why did you begin Cellercising?
Cellerciser® – What If a 10 Minute Workout Could Do This
Welcome to Cellercise®!
Cellercise_ Q&A - Why do you call it Cellercise
David Hall – Rebounders & Mini-Trampolines

Why Cellercise® is Best, Part 2
Cellercise®: Q&A – Why only 10 minutes a day?
Losing Weight in Ten Minutes a Day – Redefining Exercise

About the Equipment: the Cellerciser®

Cellerciser® Instruction For Spring Replacement
Cellerciser - The Truth
Why Choose a Cellerciser®?
Cellerciser®: Replacing the Spring Cover
Easy Balance Bar Installation in Less Than a Minute
Cellerciser® Squeaky Spring
Experience the Tri-fold Cellerciser®

Rebounder Exercises & Benefits

Cellercise® – Abdominal Exercise
Cellercise® – Health Issues Improved With a Jump
Cellercise® – Full Rebounder Workout
Cellercise® – Calisthenics for Improving the Digestive Tract System
Cellercise® – Jamba Run Thigh and Buttocks Workout
Cellerciser® – What If a 10 Minute Workout Could Do This
Cellercise® – Calisthenics: Lower Back Exercises
Cellercise®: Q&A – Why only 10 minutes a day?
David Hall’s Ultimate Cellercise® Balance Challenge
Cellercise® – Calisthenics: Stomach Wall Exercise
Cellercise® – Rebound Aerobics
Losing Weight in Ten Minutes a Day – Redefining Exercise
Cellercise® – Calisthenics: Waist and Hips Exercise
Cellercise® – Rebounder Warm Up
Strengthen Lungs – Cellercise® Rebounder Mini-Trampoline

About Bungee Cords & Safety Problems

Cellerciser® vs. Bungees (Bellicon)


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